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Pikmin 4: the wraith's revenge

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story: hocotate and koppai have made a team of scientists to go to go find out what the pikmin planet is really like. in the crew are olimar, louie, captain Charlie, alph, and Brittany. along for the ride are olimar's son, Saggitarius, and olimar's daughter, Libra. But, like usual, stuff happens, and a giant meteor [possibly the one from pikmin1], hits the ship, and olimar, louie, Charlie, alph, Brittany, saggitarius, libra, and the ships are scattered throughout the planet.

Pikmin 4: the wraith's revenge
Rating E10+
Genre RTS, Puzzle
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch, Pikirus
Media Switch Cartridge, pikirus disc
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release Dates TBD
Prequel Pikmin 3
Sequel None (Yet)
Creator Cyan piklord 64
Collaborator(s) none yet, but will have soon
(Note: might not be on Switch or Pikirus, could require at least 5 or 6 GB of storage for the story and descriptions alone. Welcome to the long game.)


Beginner's Grove[edit]

The Giant Machine[edit]

Crystal Caves[edit]

Treacherous Tundra[edit]

Volcanic Valley[edit]

Sporovid Swamp[edit]

Pikmin Island[edit]

Spiky Jungle[edit]

Near-End Island[edit]

Realm of Carrots[edit]

Sub-Space Wormhole[edit]


The Firey Hole

Links To Areas[edit]

Beginner's Grove The Giant Machine Crystal Caves Treacherous Tundra Volcanic Valley Sporovid Swamp Pikmin Island Spiky Jungle Near-End Island Realm of Carrots Sub-Space Wormhole

Pikmin Types[edit]

New pikmin[edit]

Returning Pikmin[edit]

  • Red
  • Rock
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Blue

Order of Discovery[edit]

1Red 2White 3Rock 4Ice 5Yellow 6Red (due to a lava burst forcing the canon onions to disband, and the red onion falling into a cave, meanwhile the others topple into the landing site) (canon onions: red, rock, blue, yellow, and white) (although white onions are considered non-canon) 7Mushroom 8Bomb 9Blue 10Green 11Glide 12Spiky 13Chomper 14EnergyMush 15Aura 16LASER BEAM (Pikmin limit is 150, but in the Cave of 110 Challenges, it is 300.)


Story Mode[edit]





Challenge Mode[edit]

Collect treasure![edit]

Battle Enemies![edit]

Defeat Bosses![edit]

Escape Boulders![edit]

in this mode, you can choose or create a map where people have certain amounts and types of pikmin,

and you need to use them to escape a slow yet powerful super huge boulder that,
if you don't escape the cave, kills you and the pikmin. to submit a map, beat the map.

Secret Modes[edit]

Cave Creator[edit]

Boss Maker[edit]


kinda like cave of 110 challenges, but infinite.

Hide and Seek[edit]


Returning Mechanics[edit]

spicy and bitter sprays

throwing captains

throwing pikmin (obviously)

almost everything from canon AND fanon!!!

and, still no bomb-proof pikmin... but a pikmin that IS a bomb!!!

New Mechanics[edit]

salty and sour sprays

tools like fish rod and pikbow


one sided stuff

twin bosses

more pikmin types!

list links[edit]

Enemy list p4twr

boss list p4twr

obstacle list p4twr