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Welcome to Hocotate Chatter. This forum is used for general Pikmin discussions and off-topic discussions unrelated to Pikmin Fanon.

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Evil pikmin!!!04:18, 16 December 2022Username
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Idea drop15:49, 28 September 2022Cheepy-Cheepy
The Pikmin Christmas Song!21:01, 15 September 2022Username
I'm booored- anyone active?18:26, 13 July 2022Cheepy-Cheepy
Uh, hi? Does anyone use these? Of so, Hi!14:24, 12 July 2022Cheepy-Cheepy
Pikmin explanation15:29, 2 July 2022Cheepy-Cheepy
What Do You Think Happens When You Die?20:17, 28 May 2022Cheepy-Cheepy