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This page is used to nominate articles and images to be featured on the Main Page. To nominate an article, create a new section titled the name of the article/image you nominate, then create "support", "oppose" and "comments" subsections and sign your name under "support", along with your reasons if necessary. Other users can then sign their support or opposition and the article/image will be featured when a new one is needed if it has enough support.


Pikmin: Wide World


  • We haven't had a new featured article in quite some time. And I truly think this fangame is among the best of them all. I highly recommend we feature it as a shining example of what should be on this wiki. WraithWraith icon.pngAdmin, Bureaucrat 15:29, 28 June 2021 (UTC)

I agree with Wraith. It honestly is one of the best on the site, and we haven't really had any other entirely new fangames in a while aside from PEoE, PDW, and 'the one we don't talk about'. I'm Cyan piklord 64 icon.pngCyan piklord 64, and I like the Foundation Dweevil!

What's 'the one we don't talk about'? I'm CreatorofPikminE, and I own Pikmin E! CreatorofPikminE (talk)



  • Why, I'm delighted that you think so highly of Pikmin: Wide World, let alone to the point that it's being suggested to be nominated as a featured article! I'd be honored to have it be "a shining example of what should be on this wiki". The best part is that there's still so much more work to be done on it. ~ ContributionsCheepy-Cheepy.