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Red Wollywog

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This article or image relates to the fanon game Pikmin: Redemption, created by Sir Pikmin.
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This article contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikspore, which was created by Neini.
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Red Wollywog The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Amphicaris incedio
Family Amphituber
Carry weight 7
Max. carriers 14
Seed worth 8
Attacks Burns Pikmin

Red Wollywogs are fiery relatives of the Yellow Wollywog. They have burning, red skin, and grey eyes. When approached by prey, such as Pikmin or leaders, a Red Wollywog will produce a somber groaning noise before making short hops towards them to make contact with them and set them ablaze. This particular amphituber won't crush Pikmin, and Red Pikmin are most effective against them.