A Pikmin's Mad Mad World

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A Pikmin's Mad Mad World
This article or section presents information pertaining to A Pikmin's Mad Mad World, a fanon game created by Star shaun.
A Pikmin's Mad Mad World
Mad Mad World box art.png
Rating E for Everyone
Genre Adventure
Platforms Nintendo GameCube
Media Optical disc
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release dates Japan: N/A
North America: N/A
Europe: N/A
Austraila: N/A
Prequel Pikmin 1
Sequel N/A
Creator Star shaun

A Pikmin’s Mad Mad World is an open-world RPG fan game made by Star shaun, for the Nintendo GameCube. Following the events of Pikmin 1, a Pikmin, controlled by the player in a first-person point of view, grows the populations of every Pikmin type while avoiding PNF-404's dangerous wildlife.




  • Forest of Hope (main area)
    • Candypop Garden
  • Forest Navel


An onion.

Daylight cycle

Unlike the main games, PNF-404 is explorable during the night. More enemies appear and are active during the night than the day, but nights are very short, lasting only 5 minutes. Time still passes while in caves.

Candypop Buds

The player can change what type of Pikmin they are by jumping into a respective candypop bud in the Forest of Hope. Each candypop bud can convert Pikmin five times before wilting, but they reappear the following day.