Alien Pikmin

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Alien Pikmin
Family Pikmin

The Alien Pikmin is an extraterrestrial species of Pikmin.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Advanced Online

This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Advanced Online, a fanon game created by Bulbminlead101.
Alien Pikmin The icon used to represent this Pikmin.
Resistance All but sunset, lava, and being eaten
Attack Unknown
Mobility Unknown
Throw Unknown
Digging speed Unknown
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Unknown

The Alien Pikmin are a mysterious species of Pikmin of extraterrestrial origin appearing in Pikmin: Advanced Online. They have a one-in-ten chance of appearing every thirty in-game days. Their Onion falls from the sky if the chance to appear is successful, and will stay there the entire day after crash-landing. For Alien Pikmin to join a leader's side, that leader must defeat the dominant member of the group. The dominant member will be black and cyan instead of black and yellow. The dominant Alien Pikmin will also be larger, have more appendages, and be slightly differently shaped. Once the dominant member is defeated, all leaders will be able to control Alien Pikmin, with the one that defeats the dominant member having the most control of the newly-acquired Alien Pikmin. After the day ends, the Alien Pikmin Onion will fly away, taking any Alien Pikmin that were left at its crash site. An Alien Onion will land again the following day, including the dominant member, who will be neutral. A new batch of Alien Pikmin will be available, the maximum being thirty and the minimum fifteen. Leaders can only have up to forty Alien Pikmin. After this, any wild Alien Pikmin they whistle at will eventually become hostile if they are whistled at too much.