Amphituber family

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The amphituber family is a family of frog-like amphibians. Nearly every member has the ability to crush Pikmin, either by floating upwards and slamming down or by just jumping. Also similar to frogs, tadpole variants exist.


Adhesive Wollywog

Adhesive Wollywog.png
Main article: Adhesive Wollywog

The Adhesive Wollywog is a vibrant relative of the Yellow Wollywog. Its body is green and covered in white dots, its eyes are black, and its underbelly is yellowish. It has much more sophisticated jumping abilities compared to other amphitubers, capable of quickly springing forward to flatten Pikmin.


Main article: Biowog

The Biowog is a strange and extremely complicated creature. It will go primarily after leaders and does twice the amount of damage to them than a normal Wollywog does. The creature is biomechanical, and it is unknown how and when it became so.

Black Wollywog

Main article: Black Wollywog

The Black Wollywog might not even be a wollywog at all, but some kind of strange shadowy mimic of the creature. They lurk in dark areas, and when they're idle, Black Wollywogs appear to be melted into the floor.

Blind Wollywog

Blind Wollywog.png
Main article: Blind Wollywog

The Blind Wollywog is a creature that dwells in damp, dark areas such as caves. It has orange skin and empty white eyes, and atop its head are a pair of horns and a pair of antennae. Blind Wollywogs use their antennae to feel sound waves, enabling them to see the area around them.

Blue Wollywog

Blue Wollywog.png
Main article: Blue Wollywog

The Blue Wollywog resembles a Wollywog but is colored electric blue with green feet and green eyes. When Pikmin traverse near it, it starts hissing and then jumps through the air to try to flatten them. When it lands, it sends out a wave of water around it. Only Blue Pikmin should attempt to fight this enemy, although it is possible for other Pikmin to defeat it.


Main article: Bullywog

The Bullywog is a large, stocky amphituber that only appears in caves. One of its adaptations includes a very tough clay-like skin that only a very heavy attacker can break. After a short period of time, the skin regrows in the exposed areas. It also can leap into the air, much like most amphitubers, except its leap height is much shorter and it releases a shockwave when it hits the ground.

Cloaking Wollywog

Cloaking Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Cloaking Wollywog

It has the ability to blend in with the environment, enabling it to deliver devastating sneak attacks. When it hops, its camouflage expires, revealing the creature.

Crimson Wollywog

Main article: Crimson Wollywog

The Crimson Wollywog has an appearance that its name describes.


Main article: Croggywog

The Croggywog is a very dangerous and unstable member of the amphituber family that has a bladder-like organ that produces a volatile liquid used for self-defense. The Croggywog secretes this fluid through pores on its skin, and when the creature lands after jumping, a cloud of fire appears around it and the ground surrounding it is set ablaze.


Main article: Crogpole

The Crogpole is a young Croggywog. Its black veins are clearly visible underneath its thin, rubbery skin.

Crystal Wollywog

P3 Crystal Wollywog.png
Main article: Crystal Wollywog

The Crystal Wollywog appears just like a standard Wollywog with a rock-like object underneath its stomach.

Darkfreeze Wollywog

Main article: Darkfreeze Wollywog

The Darkfreeze Wollywog is an amphituber that has been infused with Darkfreeze energy. Its body is blue, pointy, and cone-shaped, with black and purple lines running across it.

Desert Wollywog

Desert Wollywog.png
Main article: Desert Wollywog

The Desert Wollywog is just as it sounds: a wollywog adapted to extremely dry conditions.

Dino Wollywog

Dino Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Dino Wollywog

The Dino Wollywog is orange and has green toes, red eyes, and a huge gaping mouth with teeth protruding upward. It also has a huge green circle on its back. It will crush Pikmin and eat them whenever possible.

Elder Wollywog

Elder Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Elder Wollywog

The Elder Wollywog can crush Pikmin much faster than other amphitubers.

Elongated Wollywog

Elongated Wollywog.png
Main article: Elongated Wollywog

The Elongated Wollywog has pale skin and yellow markings on its back, head, and legs. It has elongated back legs, each one longer than its own body. This is an adaptation to life high in the canopy, able to have it jump longer distances than other species.

Fiery Wollywog

Fiery Wollywog.png
Main article: Fiery Wollywog

The Fiery Wollywog is a polar opposite to the regular wollywogs. Thriving in lava, this beast can kill many Pikmin at once.


Main article: Flagepole

The Flagepole is a green-skinned wogpole capable of blending in with its surroundings, but only temporarily.


Main article: Froaga

The Froaga is a smaller version of the Wogpole, except with a darker skin tone and larger eyes. Froagas attack their prey as a group, knocking over leaders and Pikmin by ramming into them at full speed. Once a Pikmin is knocked over, a Froaga will leap out of the water to skewer it on its sharp, rounded tail, killing it.


Main article: Gemniwog

The Gemniwog is a type of Wollywog that has crystals on its belly, brutally killing Pikmin that it crushes. Sometimes, the crystals will break off and kill surrounding Pikmin.

Giant Wollywog

Giant Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Giant Wollywog

The Giant Wollywog is twice the size of a normal Wollywog. It has a slight orange tint to its skin, green eyes, and blue feet. Because of its large size, it can crush more Pikmin than a normal Wollywog could. When it lands, it creates a shockwave that deflowers any Pikmin and stuns any leader in its radius.

Green Tree Wollywog

Main article: Green Tree Wollywog

The Green Tree Wollywog is the size of a Raging Long Legs. Unlike other Wollywogs, it is able to launch its tongue out to eat Pikmin.

Green Wollywog

Green Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Green Wollywog

The Green Wollywog has vibrant green skin and red markings around its eyes. It releases a wave of acid around itself when it lands.

Grey Wollywog

Main article: Grey Wollywog

The Grey Wollywog is a relative of the Yellow Wollywog. The top half of its body is silver, while the bottom half of its body is bronze. It has red eyes, bronze legs, and silver toes.

Hungry Wogpole

Hungry Wogpole.png
Main article: Hungry Wogpole

Hungry Wogpoles are juvenile, translucent wogpoles that eat Pikmin.

Icy Wollywog

Icy Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Icy Wollywog

The Icy Wollywog is a light blue wollywog with light blue feet and light blue eyes. It also has a crown of ice crystals forming on its back. Its ice can slow and freeze Pikmin.

King Wollywog

King Wollywog.png
Main article: King Wollywog

The Wollyking is the king of all Wollywogs.

Landy Wogpole

Main article: Landy Wogpole

Its body coloration is light tan and it has a rounder body and longer tail than the ordinary Wogpole. They also have small, black eyes and a large, gaping mouth. They also have tiny suggestions of limbs near their tails.

Large-Mouth Wollywog

PA Large-Mouth Wollywog.png
Main article: Large-Mouth Wollywog

The Large-Mouth Wollywog is a mechanical amphituber that has eyes on stalks and a large mouth. It can only be attacked at specific parts of its body. The Large Mouth Wollywog does not attack by jumping, but rather by extending its spike-ball-tongue at its prey. This tongue can do damage whether or not it is the boss's current weak spot.

Lumpy Wollywog

Main article: Lumpy Wollywog

Its appearance is similar to that of the Wollywog, except for its larger size, brown coloration, and dull ridges on its back. It behaves, for the most part, like other amphitubers; however, it slowly rolls towards prey before trying to jump on them.


Main article: Mechawog

The Mechawog is an armored amphituber that has a metallic yellow body, bright blue eyes, and long front claws. Purple Pikmin must be used to dent and destroy its armor before other Pikmin types can damage it.

Megamouth Terratoad

Main article: Megamouth Terratoad

The Megamouth Terratoad is the singular member of a separate subspecies of amphituber. It is an ambush predator, and hunts in a similar fashion to an Emperor Bulblax: it buries itself and waits for unsuspecting prey to venture too close, where it launches itself from its hiding spot to snatch it in its large maw. It cannot be harmed as long as it is buried. To force it to expose itself, it must be fooled into doing so by either luring another enemy to it or simply approaching it. At this point, it will be vulnerable to attack.

Opalescent Wollywog

Main article: Opalescent Wollywog

The Opalescent Wollywog is a rather seldom seen species with complex, colorful markings, named for the iridescent sheen of the film that coats its body. It jumps in irregular patterns away from Pikmin, and while it can crush Pikmin underneath of it, it also splashes a clear liquid on landing that causes Pikmin to panic and flowers them.

Pink Wollywog

Main article: Pink Wollywog

The Pink Wollywog is a translucent relative of the Yellow Wollywog that is pink with blue eyes. It actually doesn't know how to jump or attack because it is made of very frail jelly. Suspended in its center is a blue nucleus similar to a Goolix's. Although the Pink Wollywog is an exceptionally weak enemy, it is capable of spawning black blobs that form into Black Wollywogs.

Poison Dart Wollywog

Poison Dart Wollywog.png
Main article: Poison Dart Wollywog

The Poison Dart Wollywog is a vibrant, tropical member of the amphituber family. As its name would imply, the Poison Dart Wollywog is poisonous, and any Pikmin besides White Pikmin will be poisoned on contact with the creature.

Puffer Wollywog

Main article: Puffer Wollywog

The Puffer Wollywog is a rather peculiar subspecies of amphituber. Its body is flattened and has a dense sheet of folded quills covering it. The Puffer Wollywog is incapable of jumping and when it is approached, it fills with air and swells up into a large ball, causing the quills to point out and become venomous barbs.

Purple Wollywog

Main article: Purple Wollywog

The Purple Wollywog is a stronger subspecies of amphituber that is similar in shape to the common subterranean Wollywog. It is deep violet in color with red stripes on its back.

Samurai Wollywog

Samurai Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Samurai Wollywog

Samurai Wollywog loves to hop around about and swing with its sword to try to slice Pikmin.

Sandy Wollywog

Sandy Wollywog.jpg
Main article: Sandy Wollywog

The Sandy Wollywog is a wollywog completely made out of sand. On landing, it releases a dust cloud that suffocates nearby Pikmin.

Scaly Wollyzard

Main article: Scaly Wollyzard

The Scaly Wollyzard is a strong variant version of the Wollywog. Covered in green scales and red, bumpy scutes, the Wollyzard traded in its high jump for a long sticky tongue.

Sickly Wollywog

Sickly Wollywog.png
Main article: Sickly Wollywog

Sickly Wollywogs possess an unnaturally green body and a purple belly. Sickly Wollywogs rely heavily on polluted water for protection. After exiting a pool of polluted water, Sickly Wollywogs will have temporary invincibility to anything except a leader's attacks. Sickly Wollywogs dry off after landing from a jump or remain out of the water for some seconds. Once no longer protected, a Sickly Wollywog will attempt to return to a pool of water.

Skeletal Wollywog

Skeletal Wollywog light.png
Main article: Skeletal Wollywog

The Skeletal Wollywog has dark skin and two glowing yellow eyes, and its body is completely covered in thick, spiked, chitinous plates. Skeletal Wollywogs will retain their facade of being an empty skeleton even while leaders and their Pikmin stand beside it, except for if their backs are turned towards it, in which case the Skeletal Wollywog will spring forward into their unaware prey to knock them down before jumping on top of them to crush them.

Splattering Wollywog

Splattering Wollywog.png
Main article: Splattering Wollywog

The Splattering Wollywog is a relative of the Yellow Wollywog that secretes oil.

Subterranean Wogpole

Main article: Subterranean Wogpole

Subterranean Wogpoles are no different than Wogpoles on the surface, except that they may shine luminous and blue in the dark.

Translucent Wollywog (organic)

PXDF Translucent Wollywog.png
Main article: Translucent Wollywog (organic)

The Translucent Wollywog does not jump around very much, as it prefers to slowly crawl around to try and crush Pikmin with its bulk; nevertheless, the creature will be prompted to leap to another part of the arena if attacked, creating a circular wave of water upon landing which will sweep Pikmin and leaders away from it and leave them vulnerable for a moment.

Translucent Wollywog (robot)

PA Translucent Wollywog.png
Main article: Translucent Wollywog (robot)

The Translucent Wollywog is nearly identical to the Large-Mouth Wollywog, but is see-through and shoots its tongue out three times in a row instead of just once. Its movement and attacks also have increased in speed, making it much more difficult. When stunned, it becomes white and opaque.

Tropical Wogpole

Tropical Wogpole.png
Main article: Tropical Wogpole

Tropical Wogpoles are colorful creatures that are the younger form of Tropical Wollywogs. They are harmless and flee when approached.

Tropical Wollywog

Tropical Wollywog.png
Main article: Tropical Wollywog

The Tropical Wollywog is similar in appearance to the Yellow Wollywog but is primarily green and blue in color. Like other amphitubers, this creature attacks Pikmin by leaping onto them, but it also has the ability to temporarily inflate itself to give itself more horizontal distance and position itself over its targets more accurately.

Turquoise Wollywog

P251 Turquoise Wollywog art.png
Main article: Turquoise Wollywog

The Turquoise Wollywog is a close relative of the Wollywog. It is remarkably different from other amphitubers in that it can jump several more times its height than other wollywogs can. Other than that, the Turquoise Wollywog behaves like most other members of its family, sitting idly in one spot until it sees or detects nearby leaders or Pikmin, where it will turn in place to face them. If they approach the creature, it will leap high into the air, hovering for a moment before falling to the ground far below and crushing anything unfortunate enough to be under it.


Main article: Turretoad

A Turretoad is a Wollywog that has been outfitted with a Man-at-Legs gun, which is positioned on the front middle of its body, below its eyes. With it, a Turretoad can rapid-fire explosive projectiles upon leaders and Pikmin in its sight. Because of this, it tries not to crush its prey, but completely annihilate them from a distance instead.


Main article: Wogglepie

The Wogglepie is a very odd creature. It looks like a Wogpole at first sight, but when approached it stands up on two legs and runs away. These creatures don't attack, so they could be thought of as reverse Wogpoles which can move quickly on land but waddles slowly through the water. This is the third stage in amphituber evolution, set between the Wogpole and the Wogspawn.


P3 Wogpole.png
Main article: Wogpole

Wogpoles resemble tadpoles and are in fact the juvenile form of amphitubers. They are typically a hard-to-get, low-reward enemy in that they are fast swimmers and only produce one seed when carried to the Onion. They can occasionally get out of the water. When they do this, they will flop around with their speed is drastically reduced until they flail back into water.


Main article: Wollymin

Wollymin are a new type of Pikmin that can be obtained by combining Orange Pikmin with a Yellow Wollywog corpse.


P2 Wollywog.png
Main article: Wollywog

Wollywogs are a species of mature amphituber that live in the bowels of subterranean areas. They are gray and have red eyes, and are usually found in watery cave-like areas. They are defeated in the same manner as Yellow Wollywogs, but are more aggressive, and attack with a jump more readily.

Yellow Wollywog

P3 Yellow Wollywog.png
Main article: Yellow Wollywog

Yellow Wollywogs are more slender, taller, yellow versions of Wollywogs that live near bodies of water out in the open as opposed to underground areas, though this is not always true. Like Wollywogs, they try to crush Pikmin by jumping into the air. To defeat them, it is best to approach from behind and throw Pikmin on top, calling them back before the creature falls.

Young Fiery Wollywog

Main article: Young Fiery Wollywog

The Young Fiery Wollywog is a variation of the Young Yellow Wollywog. It has an orange color with dark red markings, and its entire body is lit on fire, meaning it can only be defeated by Red Pikmin.

Young Yellow Wollywog

HP Young Yellow Wollywog.png
Main article: Young Yellow Wollywog

Young Yellow Wollywogs are Yellow Wollywogs in an earlier part of their life cycle. It is much smaller, with only one pair of legs, and part of its tail is still attached. It can be defeated by throwing a single Pikmin onto it.