Armored Cannon Beetle Larva

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Pikmin 2Pikmin 3
Armored Cannon Beetle Larva The icon used to represent this enemy.
P3 Armored Cannon Beetle Larva.png
Appearance in Pikmin 3.
Scientific name Granitus chukkulinae
Family Lithopod

Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae are lithopods that resemble large larvae with an Armored Cannon Beetle's eyes and mouth. They act the same as the Armored Cannon Beetle but turn and spit at a faster rate, have much less health, and are completely vulnerable to attack. Like the adult cannon beetles, they have a blowhole on the top of their head, but it is either nonfunctional or not as powerful, so Pikmin cannot become stuck in it like with the fully grown beetles. Their boulders roll in a straight line in Pikmin 2, but follow the terrain's curvature in Pikmin 3. They come in two types: one that walks around and one that burrows out of the ground. Those that are buried will never unearth more than half of their body, and will not move from their spot.

In fanon games

This is where users type their version of the Armored Cannon Beetle Larva.

In Pikmin 251

Pikmin 251
This article or section contains information pertaining to Pikmin 251, a Pikmin 2 ROM hack created by PikHacker.
Armored Cannon Beetle Larva The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Lithopod
Areas Flooded Fields, Foreboding Forest
Caves Aquatic Depths, Gambler's Den, Cryptic Kitchen, Pit of Misfortune, Endless Abyss, Doom Den, Perilous Pipeline
Challenge Mode stages Purple Trials, Bulbmin Gardens, Perplexing Pool, Candypop Plains, Brick Workshop, Perilous Pipeline, The Gauntlet
Battle Mode stages None
Carry weight 14
Max. carriers 20
Seed worth 9
Poko value Poko × 8
Attacks Launches boulders

Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae appear in Pikmin 251 and function as they did in Pikmin 2, but now have more health.


Olimar's observations

Once again, I come to this planet only to see the larval form of this creature. What happened to the fully grown kind? Maybe other creatures have led to this one becoming an endangered species. I hope not. Sometimes, I feel bad when I think about how fighting these creatures to the death is upsetting the balance of this ecosystem. But I don't have a choice. If I'm going to save our company once again, some sacrifices will have to be made.

Cookin' with Louie

Removing all the rocks from this beasts meat is a real pain, but more than worth the effort! Or you can just leave the rocks in if you want those extra minerals in your diet.

In Pikmin Eco

P3 Lapis Lazuli Candypop Bud.png Pikmin Eco
This article or section relates to Pikmin Eco, a non-canon game created by Sapphire7.
P3 Crimson Candypop Bud.png
Armored Cannon Beetle Larva The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Granitus chukkulinae
Family Lithopod
Areas None
Caves Rocky Route, Bone Cove, Cautious Cavern
Carry weight 7
Max. carriers 15
Poko value Poko × 10
Attacks Launches boulders

The Armored Cannon Beetle Larva is a lithopod appearing in Pikmin Eco, although with no signs of any adult version. It isn't found outside of caves, making it strictly a subterranean species. It behaves as it does in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3 and can be defeated, and in some cases manipulated, in the same ways.