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Back to Pikmin
This article or section contains information pertinent to Back to Pikmin, a fanon game created by EnricoStudios.
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Back to Pikmin
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Creator EnricoStudios

Back to Pikmin is a fanon game created by EnricoStudios.


Something happens and they discover that there are still more treasures in PNF-404.


  • Red Pikmin: immune to fire
  • Yellow Pikmin: able to be grown taller than normal Pikmin and is immune to Electricity.
  • Blue Pikmin: immune to water
  • Purple Pikmin: the strongest but has lower throwing range compared to normal Pikmin, They can also break glass removing the need for Rock Pikmin.
  • White Pikmin: immune to and are poison, they're capable of finding hidden treasures.
  • Winged Pikmin: can fly and carry treasure while flying.
  • Green Pikmin: are stronger when caring plant-based treasure or fighting plant-based enemies, they can also survive the night.
  • Bulbmin: able to pass enemies without being hurt.
  • Spike Pikmin: doesn´t attack but its spikes that lie on his body damage the enemies.
New abilities
  • Purple and White Pikmin now have onions.
  • Bulbmin can now be obtained on the surface and can have onions.