Baldy Long Legs

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Baldy Long Legs" article for more official information.
Baldy Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
P3 Baldy Long Legs.jpg
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Challenge Mode stages Forgotten Cove, Tropical Forest, Tropical Wilds Remix, Clockwork Chasm, Sandbox Kingdom, Jigsaw Fortress
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

Baldy Long Legs is an arachnorb that it is quite large, and its only method of attack is crushing Pikmin with its large feet. Its spherical core is its weak point. This creature will aimlessly wander the map, but will stay in its arena if it has one. This trait is unique to this arachnorb.

This enemy could be considered as being the same creature as the Shaggy Long Legs or the Beady Long Legs. This is because this enemy is essentially just the tropical variant of the Shaggy Long Legs but with its hair removed, and because it is so similar to the Beady Long Legs. It can however still be considered a unique enemy in its own sense given that the appearance and combat mechanics don't quite match up those of the other two bosses. The Baldy Long Legs also contains subtle details that differentiate it from its shaggy counterpart: its joints are green, whereas the Shaggy Long Legs's are not, and the shaggy arachnorb will shiver in the cold if its hair is removed, whereas the baldy one never will.