Bombardier Beeb

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Bombardier Beeb" article for more official information.
Bombardier Beeb The icon used to represent this enemy.
File:PA bombardier-beeb.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Soplouse
Attacks Self-destructs

The Bombardier Beebs is a Beeb that explodes after a few seconds of being provoked, making them similar to the Volatile Dweevils. Bombardier Beebs are about the size of a large Worker Beeb. Upon spotting a Leader or Pikmin, a Bombardier Beeb will activate the fuse on its head and chase them. After about five seconds, they will stand in place and panic for a second before exploding, causing a shockwave that damages nearby enemies and obstacles. Bombardier Beebs can be destroyed before they explode, but only with Rock Pikmin or a similar Pikmin variety due to its purple glass weak point. Using a Bomb-rock to destroy a Bombardier Beeb will only result in it exploding, which can cause nearby Bombardier Beebs to explode as well.


Monita's notes

"This creature is equipped with a fuse and will detonate when approached. Whatever you do, don't go anywhere near it carrying something flammable. Or inflammable, for that matter."