Botany Shipment

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One of the many shipments of cargo in the game Pikmin: New World. This particular Shipment is filled with various things related to plants.

Ship's Comments

" You've retreived the Botany Shipment! This planet's exiting menagery of xenoflora will leave botanists begging for more!"


  • New Life
  • Jade Germinator
  • Little Forestling
  • Protruding Vegetable
  • Potted Perrenial
  • Leap of Desperation
  • Vegetal Ladder
  • Seed Bladder
  • Decorative Foliage
  • Underwort
  • Decapitated Arbore
  • Ground Greenery
  • Tropical Signature
  • Wingnut
  • Mummified Vegetable
  • Bug-Proof Sprout
  • Cloven Cactus
  • Pollen Cannon
  • Kernel Cluster
  • Cranium Bulb
  • Coniferous Mimicry