Captain Camp

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Captain Camp is a summer camp that teaches young Hocotations how to become space captains, like Olimar. It first appeared in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. The supervisor is very overprotective and even faints when children do something "out of the ordinary". Sagittarius always wanted to be a space captain like his father Olimar, so he always attends the camp whenever he can attend it. This is the first area in the game, and it serves as a tutorial. It cannot be entered after all three challenges are completed.


Sagittarius arrives here one warm afternoon to learn how to be a space captain like his father. Unbeknownst to him, something huge is going to happen to him...


During his stay at camp, Sagittarius competes against fellow campers to win points for being the best space captain during the Camp Challenge. There are three challenges he needs to win. The challenges are all tutorials for controls.

  • Rock Toss: Whoever throws the rock farthest across the field outside the camp, wins. The supervisor is very worried that kids will throw rocks at each other. This is the tutorial for throwing Pikmin.
  • Foot Race: Whoever crosses the finish line at the end of the course, wins. The supervisor is super scared that kids will trip and break their ankles while turning corners. This the tutorial for moving and turning.
  • Fling Out of the Ring: Whoever is the last one standing in a large ring, wins. The supervisor encourages kids to not hit each other out of the ring; but you have to push them out, otherwise how could you win the match? This the tutorial for attacking enemies without Pikmin and moving at the same time.