Cell puddle family

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The cell puddle family consists of creatures that typically resemble organic cells and have at least one nucleus.


Chemical Goolix

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The Chemical Goolix, also known as the Acid Goolix, is a acidic species who's body is encased in a green substance. This caustic overcoat makes it highly deadly towards most other Pikmin species, with the exception of the Green Pikmin who're immune to the acidic overcoat.

Doom Goolix

Doom Goolix.jpg
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The Doom Goolix is an unspecified Goolix species that has been infected by the doom essence and infused it into its DNA. Its purple exterior makes it highly poisonous, meaning that only the White Pikmin species can harm it, and even then they are at risk of contacting the Doom essence and becoming Doom Pikmin.

Electro Goolix

Electro Goolix.jpg
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The Electro Goolix is a Cell Puddle that has developed and evolved electromagnetic properties, potentially making it the most dangerous type of Goolix to Pikmin species. It can instantly kill most Pikmin species with the exception of the Yellow Pikmin, yet they can still drown within the goo-like substance.

Frozen Goolix

Frozen Goolix.jpg
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The Frozen Goolix is a idle form of the Goolix encased in ice. Unlike other Goolix species, it is incapable of moving, and as such leaves it vulnurable to Cyan Pikmin


Main article: Ghoulix

The Ghoulix is, presumably, an undead Goolix that can only be harmed by Tech Pikmin. Little research is known of this specimen however.


Main article: Glooplix

The Glooplix is a highly rare subspecies of multi-elemental Goolix found above ground. It can use acid, electric, fire, toxic, and water-based slime to protect itself against Pikmin.


Main article: Goolarva

Goolarva is a "half-Goolix" - a smaller variant of Goolix with only one nuclei as opposed to the standard two.


P1 Goolix.png
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The Goolix is a aquatic-based enemy. Its entire body is encased in a goo-like substance, with two nuclei within its mass. It moves slowly around the area, drowning most other Pikmin that make contact with it, with the exception of Blue Pikmin. As such, Blue Pikmin are the only Pikmin type that can damage it safely. Any other Pikmin caught in its mass can be thrown out by Blue Pikmin as well.

King Rainbow Goolix

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The King Rainbow Goolix is a larger, and more durable variant to the Rainbow Goolix.

Lava Goolix

Lava Goolix.PNG
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The Lava Goolix is a mutated species that has infused Fiery Bulblax DNA into itself. Because of this, they will attack any enemy except for the Bulblax in question, and capable of spurting highly flammable puddles, making Red Pikmin the only type to be able to withstand the heat. Intriguingly, it can also fuse with more members of itself.

Lord Goolix

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The Lord Goolix is a colossal-sized Goolix species with fire and electric-based properties. It is capable of shooting projectiles at enemies in a manor similar to the Man-at-Legs.


Main article: Magmix

The Magmix is an armored Lava Goolix, with its body encased in not only molten lava, but also cracked rocky armory. This armor must be chipped away first before Red Pikmin can damage it.

Mega Goolix

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The Mega Goolix is a humongous blue liquid blob containing a large yellowish-whitish orb and a slightly smaller blue-green marble-like orb.

Molten Goolix

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The Molten Goolix is a lava-based Goolix species, with a crimson-colored body and a set of molten orbs. This type is capable of splitting its body away from the nuclei and continue its attack on threats close to it. The only Pikmin capable of fighting it is the Crimson Pikmin.

Rainbow Goolix

Main article: Rainbow Goolix

The Rainbow Goolix is a color-shifting Goolix species that changes its very element depending on its coloration. Different Pikmin types are required depending on the different element it changes into.

Rainbow Ranged Goolix

Main article: Rainbow Ranged Goolix

It borrows the properties of both the Ranged Goolix and the Rainbow Goolix; it can shoot projectiles at Pikmin but they're elemental-based depending on the coloration of its mass.

Ranged Goolix

Ranged Goolix.jpg
Main article: ranged Goolix

The Ranged Goolix resembles a pink Goolix and can shoot watery projectiles. Only Blue Pikmin are immune to its attacks. Purple Pikmin can be used to take large portions of its health, but they will drown eventually if not whistled to.

Shadow Goolix

Main article: Shadow Goolix

The Shadow Goolix is a peculiar type of Goolix that can only be damaged after Purple Pikmin land on it, in similar manor to the Waterwraith.

Sludge Goolix

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The Sludge Goolix is a large black-colored Goolix. The nucleus inside it will alter colors, and depending on the color the pikmin type will be the only option to damage it.

Sticky Goolix

Sticky Goolix.jpg
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The Sticky Goolix is an adhesive species of Goolix that occasionally releases the adhesive onto Pikmin, which will immobilize and absorb them. The only Pikmin type immune to it is the Black Pikmin.

Toxic Goolix

Toxic Goolix.jpg
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The 'Toxic Goolix is a species of Goolix with a poisonous purple membrane. It also emits poison gas that will poison all but White Pikmin. The only way to harm this beast is by having White Pikmin attack its nuclei.

Vapor Goolix

Vapor Goolix.jpg
Main article: Vapor Goolix

The Vapor Goolix, also known as the Steam Goolix, is a Goolix that is composed of gases rather than liquids. Technically it doesn't have a means to harm Pikmin, but is still capable of flight and able to knock Pikmin back by bashing its nuclei together.