Chill Dweevil

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Chill Dweevil The icon used to represent this enemy.
Chill Dweevil.png
Scientific name Mandarachnia gelido
Family Dweevil
Areas PS: Frigid Mountain
Caves PS: Inside The Cliff, Cold Chasm, Arthropod Castle, Shining Forest, Magma Mantle, Challenger's Cavern, Darkfreeze Lair, Final Frost, Flashing Frenzy, Ultimate Arena
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 6
Poko value Poko × 2
Attacks Produces liquid hydrogen

The Chill Dweevil is a dweevil that defends itself by releasing liquid hydrogen that freezes anything upon contact. Its effects last for but a second, as the ice will break shortly after. The Chill Dweevil is identified by its pale blue skin, black eyes, and orange-yellow feelers. It should be dealt with only with Cyan Pikmin or another type of Pikmin resistant to its icy attacks. Like many other dweevils, it will pick up objects and use them to defend itself.


Olimar's notes

"This curious creature is especially related to the munge dweevil, which sprays poison gas. This certain species, however, sprays liquid hydrogen! How it is stored inside the dweevil without freezing it is still a mystery, but I am startled at this insect since I have no ice-resistant Pikmin yet! I must check the local areas to find it… New challenges are up ahead!"

Louie's notes

"Every attempt to consume this creature has resulted in being frozen stiff. Ha. I’ve heard of cold feet before, but this is ridiculous…"

In PikSpore

In Pikspore, Chill Dweevils are slightly more dangerous, as frozen Pikmin will die after a while if not whistled out. There is also the much stronger Darkfreeze Dweevil, which is infused with Darkfreeze energy.

In Pikmin: Ultimate Doom


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Ultimate Doom
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Acts like a normal Dweevil.

In Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War

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PtBW Red Pikmin.png

In Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War, Chill Dweevils are one of the most dangerous types of dweevils, although only because there are no freeze-resistant Pikmin. They have a similar appearance and behavior to other fanon games. They appear in The Valley of Regret.


Olimar's notes

Mandarachnia refrigero

"This creature has a sac of liquid nitrogen surrounded by a hard shell. It uses this to freeze any enemies below it. They tend to pick up refrigerated items."

Ship's notes

"As if this goshdarned valley wasn't cold enough, Olimar offers to put these creatures into my hold to give them a home. I'm nice, but not THAT nice."