Chronoton Storm

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Doomed Time
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Doomed Time, a fanon game created by Pikness34.
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This is a storm of Chronotons that have an unusual properties


These are the games it appears in.

Pikmin: Doomed Time


This is a deadly storm that will almost certainly kill a hocotatian.This is a rare and dangerous disaster that everyone in space has to avoid.The procedure to avoid it is to shut off all engines and go in reverse,and try to steer to the side so you don't hit the impending cloud of space debris and chronotons.The result of hitting the chronoton storm is that you either go through accelerated aging,or de-aging until you disappear from your spot in the universe.Everything in it disintegrates and turns to basic materials.


Black holes

It is usually caused when a black hole goes active then goes dormant again in a short time period.During this period the matter starts to go into the black hole and the energy emmited phases into chronotons.The chronotons then clump together and roam the galaxy aging and de-aging whatever is in their path

Large distubances in The Time-space fabric

Sometimes some things with great powers can rip parts of the Time-space fabric.When pieces of it meet with the regular universe,the fabric dissolves into chronotons.


  • In Pikmin: Doomed Time for some weird reason,when our main players went through it they didn't die. Louie Was cooking with a microwave,andPikness was using radar.That could have warped their personal fields enough to have them live