Day One (Pikmin: Near extinction)

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This is a quick guide on the tutorial (Day 1) of Pikmin: Near Extinction.


After the cutscene with the ship, you must go out to the clearing and find the Red Pikmin. The controls you show up on the screen, and you must harvest enough pellets in order to have about 15 Pikmin, then enter the Danger Ditch. Bring the apple inside to the pod and then go down to Sublevel 2. Just walk past the metal gate, do not bother trying to break it, as it will never break. Go down to the final floor and save the Yellow Pikmin from the fiery blowhog. Break the geyser and collect the Whimsical Radar on the ledge next to the tree stump, and you will complete the day.

The metal gate

If you really try for about 10 minutes,, the metal gate will break, but the game will not allow you into the Unknown Lair, and you must wait until later.