Deceptive Meadow

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Stranded Exploration, a fanon game created by Volatile Dweevil.
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The Deceptive Meadow is the first area in Pikmin: Stranded Exploration. During the day, this area is relatively peaceful and serves as a great place to stock up on Pikmin.

This area is actually home to a bulborb colony, which explains why there is such a small number of enemies. During night exploration, there are several Orange Bulborbs that will patrol around the area, eating smaller non-bulborb enemies and waking up and fighting with larger non-bulborb enemies. There is an Empress Bulblax in the large, circular area that holds a sleeping Red Bulborb during the day. The Empress Bulblax is guarded by several Red Bulborbs. There are no Bulbears here, as Bulborbs and Bulbears prey upon one another.



  • Discovery Hub




  • A single Empress Bulblax-Once killed the rest of the grub-dogs will flee. Will reappear after two days.
  • Fifteen Juvenile Bulborbs
  • Thirteen Red Bulborbs {awake-guard Empress Bulblax or Juvenile Bulborbs)
  • Seven Orange Bulborbs (awake-patrol the area, eats Vanilla Breadbugs and fights and either defeats or is defeated by Giant Breadbugs)
  • Twenty-seven Vanilla Breadbugs (normally asleep, wake up and try to waddle away when an Orange Bulborb approaches)
  • Two Giant Breadbugs (normally asleep, on first confrontation will knock over and defeat Orange Bulborbs, on second confrontation will wake up too late and be knocked over themselves)
  • Careening Dirigibugs - Every twenty-two days they will come and kill the Empress Bulblax and the Giant Breadbugs. The following day the area will contain a single ballistic bomb-rock with an attack range spreading everywhere but the area where the Onions and the Freight Pod are.