Dino Wollywog

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Dino Wollywog
Family Amphituber

The Dino Wollywog is a prehistoric species of amphituber.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The After Years

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The After Years
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The After Years, created by Gamefreak75.
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Dino Wollywog The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Scientific name Amphicaris prehistoricus
Family Amphituber
Caves Lost Land
Carry weight 7
Max. carriers 14
Seed worth 10
Attacks Crushes and eats Pikmin

The Dino Wollywog is a prehistoric amphituber appearing in Pikmin: The After Years. It has the same shape as a normal Wollywog, and has yellow skin with a large green spot on its back, red eyes, green feet, and a gaping mouth with a sharp upward-protruding fang on either side of its mouth. A Dino Wollywog is can be found sitting idly until leaders or their Pikmin approach, where it will attempt to jump and land on them. It will attempt to devour any Pikmin standing in front of it. Because of this, throwing Pikmin onto a Dino Wollywog's back is the optimal method of defeating one.