Distant Wetland

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Distant Wetland is an area in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is reached by finding a secret path behind the waterfall somewhere in the Wandering Canyons. As the name entails, it is a water-filled region with terrain that looks rather like the Distant Spring and Perplexing Pool from other Pikmin games. Given the area's aquatic nature, traversing it may prove troublesome for non-blue Pikmin. You can use lily pads float these groups of Pikmin around the area safely, but take care that the pads aren't upset by aquatic foes. Rather like the Forest of Awakening, a significant portion of this area is populated and controlled by Pikmin, almost all of which are Blue Pikmin. Still, there are areas that even they won't venture through, such as the entrance to the Northern Plains at the north end of the region.

Sections in this Area

  • Blue Haven
  • Western Grove
  • The Temple
  • Restricted District
  • Deep Drain