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Dolphin Lander

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This article or section relates to Pikmin: Wide World, a non-canon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Dolphin Lander
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Gender Female
Home planet Hocotate
Known related characters Creator

The Dolphin Lander is the main ship used by the leaders in Pikmin: Wide World. She is a one-of-a-kind spacecraft used by Captain Olimar, her creator, pilot, and engineer, and Shacho to reach and travel from place to place on PNF-404. Marie and Louie also occupy the Dolphin Lander after they are rescued. Sparklium is her fuel source, and maintaining her fuel reserves is a crucial element in continuing gameplay. The Dolphin Lander was quite speedily constructed by Olimar during what little downtime he had on Hocotate after first crash-landing on PNF-404, also she was not complete until a short time after Olimar revealed her to Shacho.

Appearance and personality

Her appearance was inspired by the likenesses of the S.S. Dolphin, the Freight Voyager, and an Onion. The Dolphin Lander is a sizeable spacecraft, having a large, round body mounted on three landing struts that collapse in upon themselves upon takeoff, making her resemble an Onion, complete with a propeller on her nosecone resembling the flower on top of an Onion. Her body can accommodate up to four inhabitants, which she provides shelter for. She is primarily cream-colored with red details, much like the S.S. Dolphin.

The Dolphin Lander is incredibly friendly and loving and has a quirky personality. She can also be quite informative at times and is a bit impressionable. She displays a comically poor general understanding of Hocotatians and Koppaites, and she occasionally, accidentally or purposefully, makes witty remarks about them. The Dolphin Lander also recognizes that she is a machine and that it could explain her poor understanding of living beings. She also has little regard for her own safety when in the presence of dangerous creatures, citing that hungry animals often target others instead of her.


The Dolphin Lander has a multitude of capabilities. Some of her most commonly-used abilities are storing treasures and enemy remains to sell for Pokos, storing fruits to crush into juice, and refining spiderwort berry juice into sprays. Additionally, the Dolphin Lander will gain a special ability for each ship part that is brought to her:

  • The Repair Module allows leaders to heal themselves at the cost of Sparklium;
  • The Sparklium Extractor doubles the amount of Sparklium the Dolphin Lander extracts from objects such as, but not limited to, treasures, fruits, and Sparklium seeds;
  • The Sparklium Saver reduces the amount of Sparklium used by the Dolphin Lander by at least half of the original cost;
  • The Jet Juicer increases the amount of juice yielded by fruits and spiderwort berries by ten percent;
  • The Revitalizer allows a downed leader to be revived at the cost of Sparklium;
  • The PikHold allows juvenile parasitic Pikmin hosts to be stored in the Dolphin Lander, and Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin can be stored inside the PikHold too until their respective Onions are saved;
  • The Whistle Transmitter allows the Dolphin Lander to, upon command, broadcast a sound across the area that causes all idle, working, and fighting Pikmin to return to the day's landing site, unless they are buried.

The Dolphin Lander is also capable of dispatching its nosecone, known as the Lander Pod, in a very similar manner to how the Freight Voyager could dispatch its nosecone. The Lander Pod is normally only dispatched when leaders delve into dens and caves, as the Dolphin Lander refuses to dispatch it during any other time.