Emperor Bulbot

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Grand Bulborb" article for more official information.
Emperor Bulbot The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Emperor Bulbot.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Grub-dog
Attacks Eats Pikmin, crushes Pikmin

The Emperor Bulbot is a large Bulbot that is very similar in appearance to the Greater Bulbot, only it is green instead of red. The Emperor Bulbot's attacks are very similar to those of the Greater Bulbot as well, only faster. The Emperor Bulbot has two attacks: the main one is charging from one side of its arena to the other whilst repeatedly snapping its jaws shut, and the other attack is retracting its legs and rolling from side-to-side across its arena. Any Pikmin caught underneath of the Emperor Bulbot when it prepares its rolling attack will be crushed. Pikmin it steps on will also be crushed. To defeat the Emperor Bulbot, all of the weak points on its back need to be destroyed. The only way to destroy these weak points is with a Rock Pikmin or another similar Pikmin type. Bomb-rocks can also be used, and they prove to be very destructive weapons that also temporarily stun the Emperor Bulbot. Unlike the Greater Bulbot, the Emperor Bulbot will blindly consume bomb-rocks, which will stun it for even longer than if it were hit from a bomb-rock explosion. Once every weak point on the boss's back is destroyed, its sclerae turn black and its pupils turn red with rage. The joints on its legs become weak points, which, when broken, will cause the Emperor Bulbot will fall over onto its back, revealing a final weak spot on its underbelly. When the final weak point breaks, the Emperor Bulbot's head begins to spin furiously, gradually slowing down until the entire body explodes.