Emperor Pinchipede

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Emperor Pinchipede" article for more official information.
Emperor Pinchipede The icon used to represent this enemy.
File:PA emperor-pinchipede.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Pinchipede
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Emperor Pinchipede is a boss. Just like the Beebs, it has its own unique family, the Pinchepede family. It bears a resemblance to the Armored Mawdad. Its body is divided into twelve segments, each with its own weak point; four of these segments are larger than the others and are linked together by two smaller segments each, totaling twelve. Its head, which is the thirteenth segment, is equipped with a large pair of sharp mandibles that will instantly kill anything in their way. It is impossible to stun the boss with Bomb-rocks, and it can only be fought with Rock Pikmin or a similar Pikmin due to its crystal-like weak points; however, its weak points can still be severely damaged through the use of bomb-rocks. As the Emperor Pinchipede crawls around the arena, its weak points may be openly attacked. However, whenever one of the four larger segments is broken, it will have a mind of its own and slowly move around the arena, spinning wildly with spikes all over it. It is best advised to take out the smaller segments first so the arena will be less cluttered. Occasionally, the boss will cover all of its weak points and turn orange, during which it will rampage across the arena for a short time before going back to normal. After all its weak points are destroyed, it will gain one more on its head segment. However, whenever it is in direct line of sight of the player, it will compact its body segments like an accordion, cover its head's weak point, and then launch itself across the arena. During this process, the body's weak points are also turned over, revealing the spikes. After it finishes this attack is when it is best to attack its head. After its head's weak point is damaged down to half of its health, the battle will get faster. Once it is defeated, its head will explode.


Monita's notes

"This beast's segmented body has plenty of weak points, making it easy to target. However, it will hide them when it is upset. Just don't get too close to its snapping jaws."