Entomology Shipment

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One of the many shipments of cargo in the game Pikmin: New World. It contains cargo that resembles or are in fact insects, arachnids and various other arthropods.

Ship's Comments

" You've retreived the Entomology Shipment! Whether or not these creepy crawlies frighten you, they're part of nature just like everything else!"


  • Sand Scorpion
  • Crab Mimic
  • Parasite Mansion
  • Male Fluffball
  • Maggot Buffet
  • Super-Stinger
  • Colonial Comb
  • Infestation Tuft
  • Long-Legged Mystery
  • Stinger of Defeat
  • Thornet
  • Insectile Fortress
  • Mantis Family Crest