Eye-Stalker Bulbeel

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Eye-Stalker Bulbeel" article for more official information.
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Eye-Stalker Bulbeel The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Appearance in Hey! Pikmin.
Scientific name Oculus voraxa
Family Grub-dog

The Eye-Stalker Bulbeel is a large, incredibly long, and aquatic grub-dog. It lies in its alcove in wait for prey such as Pikmin and leaders to pass overhead, upon which it momentarily lowers and then opens its mouth before lunging forward, attempting to swallow them whole. After lunging, it gradually retreats back into its dwelling and waits for its next opportunity to strike. These creatures also consume other enemies that are above them when they lunge upwards. If a leader is in the center of its reach when it lunges, they can be swallowed, which will kill them instantly.

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