Forest of Love

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The Forest of Love is a large forest and is the third area that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It surrounds a lake, which can be seen while travelling through the area. It holds 5 Hocotate files.


After the defeat of the Wollyviathan and the collection of the Sharper Blade, Sagittarius uses it and cuts the tops of some trees to open a place to land.

When Clown Face is defeated, a switch is pulled to warm the climate and melt the ice on the landing site in the Snowy Land of Fear.

Pikmin Found


Subarea 1: Forest Opening

The landing site. This subarea is the brightest one of the four because of the hole in the leaves, letting in light. Many different types of Bulborbs thrive in this area, so be very careful here. There is a hole located underneath one of the trees. The Forest Trail subarea is to the northeast.

Subarea 2: Forest Trail

A long dirt trail. Acidic puddles can be found scattered everywhere. The Green Pikmin onion is located in the northwest. At the end of the trail is a large tree you can enter. Continuing on leads you to the Broken Campsite subarea.

Subarea 3: Broken Campsite

An abandoned area. There is a small paved part with a broken down car. There is a cabin in the centre of an acidic ring, so only Green Pikmin can enter until a bridge is built. To the left is the Haunted Forest subarea.

Subarea 4: Haunted Forest

This subarea is almost pitch black, your light is the only light in this dark place. Evil creatures lurk in here, unseen. At the end is a cave truely filled with nightmares.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Rooted Hole Forest Opening 4 N/A Emperor Bulblax
Tree's Interior Forest Trail 5 N/A Infected Heartwood
Lost Cabin Broken Campsite 3 Yes, Purple Pikmin Fear
Twisted Cave Haunted Forest 6 N/A Clown Face

Enemies Encountered