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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "fruit" article for more official information.
To do: At some point, make articles for blueberries and kumquats, the two fruits in Pikmin Bloom that don't appear anywhere else in the official games.

Fruits are collectibles useful for their juice and other contents, and Poko value.

In Pikmin 3, fruits are collectibles that are juiced by leaders and stored within some form of container to serve as sustenance. Some fruits are or can be split into parts, and different fruits yield different amounts of juice. The amount of juice leaders have typically determines how many more in-game days gameplay can continue.

In Pikmin Bloom, fruits yield nectar, the color and yield, and sometimes also type, of which is usually determined by the type of fruit and how it is obtained, which is from traveling, expeditions, and mushroom challenges. Each is sorted into a category pertaining to size: small, large, and giant. Small fruits are picked up by Pikmin in the squad of the player as they travel the real world, and yield small amounts of nectar. Large fruits are obtained from expeditions and yield a moderate amount of nectar. Giant fruits are obtained from mushroom challenges and yield a bountiful supply of nectar.