Gladiator's Stone

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Ultimate Doom, a fanon game created by Zoadra.
Gladiator's Stone The icon used to represent this treasure.
Number Unknown
Series Elder Stone Series
Weight Unknown
Maximum carriers Unknown
Location Crystal Falls

The Gladiator's Stone is a special treasure found in Crystal Falls in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom. It is the first treasure in the Elder Stone collection and a key story point. Apollo constantly tries to unlock its power, conducting extensive research and experimentation on it. Next to the Philosopher's Stone, it is one of the most important treasures.

The treasure itself is a brown, asymmetrical rock with designs etched onto its surface in red color. It pulmonates an aura of energy that visually resembles heat distortions, and is apparently worth one hundred lifetimes of Pokos.