Go Pikmin: Double Trouble

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Go Pikmin: Double Trouble
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Go Pikmin: Double Trouble is a RPG fanon game for the Nintendo Switch. The sequel to this game is Go Pikmin: Galaxy Blast. The plot is around the time when Olimar first crashes on PNF-404.



Red: The main hero of this story, Red is determined and brave. He is willing to risk everything to take down the Shades.

Blue: Red's best friend, he is more cowardly than his much braver friend, though he will do anything he can to help Red.

Yellow: A more distant Pikmin, Yellow has had experience fighting the Shades and as a result, he doesn't trust anyone or anything.

White: Another distant Pikmin, White is the most mysterious Pikmin on PNF-404. He appears rarely due to his constant missions of sabotage.


Captain Olimar: He mostly appears in the background commanding his Pikmin to fight against various enemies and carry different parts of his ship. He'll help the main characters by tossing over drops of nectar which will heal the heroes or various weapons.

Purple: He appears during escort missions as usually a heavy obstacle will need destroying.

Rocky: He appears during the game as a construction builder, and usually needs to be found in order to repair a structure.

Wing: She helps the heroes reach certain areas by carrying them over.

Pik-Pik Shop Vendor: Being a really stingy shop vendor, he/she appears randomly in different areas selling different types of weapons to the main characters.

Various other Pikmin: Other Pikmin will usually be scattered around areas. Some can help by joining the party for a short time as either fighters or escorts.


During the events of Pikmin 1, a deadly force called Shades crashed onto PNF-404. They consumed plants and other flora and made them to wither. Soon, the Pikmin species was in danger. Brave Pikmin rose up and fought back and started the Great Pikmin War. Thousands of Pikmin perished as they were beat back into Hollow Woodland. The Shades then opened a gate to a Bulborb birthing ground causing the Pikmin species to die off even more. Soon, only a small portion of Pikmin remained. One young sprout decided he was done being pushed around by the Shades and striked back once more.

Hollow Woodland

Chapter 1: The Almighty Queen

Defeat the Empress Bulblax

Red starts heading to the Bulborb birthing ground to destroy the Empress Bulblax to stop the constant Bulborb attacks. After learning how to use Action Cards to fight, he fights off some Dwarf Bulborbs with a homemade bat. Soon, he reaches a dirt wall which he cannot destroy on his own. He takes a detour to a miniboss arena and fights a Bulborb. Once Red defeats the fearsome beast, it releases Blue. They head back to the dirt gate where Red learns to use Reaction Movements. Eventually, they reach the Bulborb den and defeat a series of Bulborbs. A path opens when they finish off the last Bulborb, and they discover the Empress Bulblax. After defeating the Bulborb queen, they find an Ultra Bomb-Rock and use it to destroy a reinforced gate, opening new paths further into the forest.

Chapter 2: The Tallest Tree

Reach the base of the tree

Once they destroy the reinforced gate, Red and Blue head deeper into the forest. As they walk down the path, they discover a ginormous tree which has some sort of creature on top. They proceed forward fighting enemies, until they reach the base of the tree in which Blue gets abducted by a Swooping Snitchbug.

Chapter 3: Damsel in Distress

Save Blue

As Blue gets abducted, Red tries to rescue him but falls off into a different area of the forest. Red wakes up at dusk and panics, but decides to continue forward. As dusk turns into night, Red continues to fight enemies in the low-light condition, but gets cornered. He is then saved by White, who disappears afterward but not before telling Red to give up. Redetermined, Red fights throughout the forest. He soon reaches a tree stump where he fights the Swooping Snitchbug, freeing Blue.

Chapter 4: Stop Bugging Me

Defeat the Shady Cannon Beetle

Morning soon comes as the 2 heroes head back to the tree. After getting there, they find that the bridge to the top has been broken. They decide to venture into the tree, and battle enemies util they meet a Rocky who states that he was hiding from the Bulborbs. He then heads back to start repairing the bridge, and Red and Blue continue on. After reaching the top, a King Shade possesses an Armored Cannon Beetle and proceeds to fight them as Shady Cannon Beetle. After defeating the bug, the Shade dies off, and the trees part, letting in the sun. Wing flies in and tells the duo that the onions can now fly out of the forest. Red and Blue decide to fly all over the world to destroy the Shades. They use an onion to fly out.

Misty Fjord

Chapter 5: Lost in The Fjord

Find the Onion part

As Red and Blue try to land in Misty Fjord, they crash into a tree branch pulverizing the ship. They lose a key engine part as they head down and crash on a fresh blanket of snow. The duo leave the onion and immediately searches for the onion part. After fighting a Shaggy Long Legs, they recover the engine.

Chapter 6: The Sea Champion

Defeat the Ranging Bloater

Once they recover the ship part, the team heads back to the onion only to find that some sort of creature has pilfered the ship. They attempt to trace after it and soon, they discover a giant arena which holds a Ranging Bloater. Later, once finally defeat the slimy slug, it releases a Pik-Pik Shop Vendor, Yellow, the onion, and an entire treasure trove of knick-knacks and other junk. Yellow explains that he detected a signal which he assumed was from the Shades, leading him to be captured by the Ranged Bloater. He holds out a machine that starts beeping in the direction to a eerie cave, blocked by an electric gate and a reinforced gate. With Yellow's ability to conduct electricity, they open up an electrical gate.

Chapter 7: Knight in Need

Find Purple

Once they open an electric gate, Red and his teammates encounter the reinforced gate blocking passage to the cave. They hear a cry for help and soon discover it was coming from inside a Caustic Dweevil. With the defeat of the blue spider, it spits out Purple who destroys the reinforced gate as thanks.

Chapter 8: Hole of The Heroes

Defeat the Shady Segmented Crawbster

Entering the cave, Red notices a giant doorway with 4 smaller doors on the side. They then enter into the smaller doors and solve the puzzles within. After they solve a 4th puzzle, the largest door opens. The trio enters and finds a Shady Segmented Crawbster. Once they defeat the possessed Crawbster, the snowstorm surrounding the Misty Fjord disappears. The team then flies off to Parched Dunes.

Parched Dunes