Greater Bladed Beeb

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Bladed Beeb" article for more official information.
Greater Bladed Beeb The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Greater Bladed Beeb.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Soplouse
Attacks Cuts Pikmin, deflowers Pikmin

The Greater Bladed Beeb resembles a large, glossy, purple praying mantis-like creature with realistic blades on its arms. Once provoked, the Greater Bladed Beeb will roar and begin to battle. It will crawl around its arena, swinging its blades at Leaders and Pikmin that come too close. Any Greater Bladed Beeb has three different attacks that it will randomly choose to execute: either it will swing one blade two consecutive times, swing both blades simultaneously whilst dashing forward, or spin in a circle with its blades low to the ground. The latter two attacks are capable of shaking Pikmin off. When performing its first attack style, a Greater Bladed Beeb has a chance of getting its blades stuck in the ground; its second attack style will always result in its blades getting stuck in the ground; its third attack style will never result in its blades getting stuck. Greater Bladed Beebs will never execute the same attack twice in a row during its first phase. Greater Bladed Beebs can also deflower Pikmin with their blades. Any Pikmin not directly hit by the sharp end of its blades will only be knocked back, not killed. Both its head and abdomen are its weak points, but attacking them is made difficult by the boss's reflexes and ability to quickly turn around. Rock Pikmin or a similar Pikmin are the only Pikmin that can be used to fight the boss due to its crystal-like weak points. Bomb-rocks will stun a Greater Bladed Beeb temporarily and inflict a sizable amount of damage to its weak points it the explosion doesn't outright destroy them. Throwing a bomb-rock at the boss when its blades are stuck in the ground will result in it being stunned for even longer. Once one of its weak points is broken, it roars whilst the green lights on its body turn red. In this phase of the battle, the boss will move faster and occasionally execute an attack one more time in a row than it usually would. Upon defeat, the Greater Bladed Beeb's eyes widen whilst it collapses onto the floor, falling apart before exploding.


Monita's notes

This alien insect is slow to wake but quick to anger. The adrenaline rush causes it to speed up and turn red with fury.