Greater Bulbot

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Bulblord" article for more official information.
Greater Bulbot The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Greater Bulbot.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Grub-dog
Attacks Eats Pikmin, crushes Pikmin

The Greater Bulbot is an incredibly large Bulbot that has weak points all over it, but its bulk and speed make attacking them difficult. Its main attack is a charging bite in which it dashes across the whole arena in a single direction, all the while biting at the air; its other attack involves the retraction of its legs and weak points and rolling from side-to-side across the arena. Pikmin caught underneath the Greater Bulborb when it initiates its rolling attack will be crushed and killed. Pikmin that it steps on will also be crushed. Getting the Greater Bulbot to turn around can be difficult; split up Leaders and have one run around the beast to make it turn around so its weak points may be attacked. Its glass weak points can only be broken using Bomb-rocks, Rock Pikmin, or another similar Pikmin type. If struck by a bomb-rock, the Greater Bulbot will briefly become stunned and suffer extreme damage to its weak points. It will refuse to ingest bomb-rocks, however, unlike the Emperor Bulbot. After all its weak points have been destroyed, it will gain two new ones on its knees. It is best to use the distracting method to aim at these, as the Greater Bulbot will begin to move much faster once these are exposed. Once both of its legs are destroyed, it will helplessly roll onto its back, revealing its largest and final weak point which is on its underbelly. Attack this weak point until it is destroyed, and it will cause the Bulblord to roar in agony before exploding.


Monita's notes

"With its sharp teeth and devastating roll attack, this is a foe to fear. I highly advise you to take caution if you don't want to get crushed into scrap metal."