Greater Studded Beeb

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Greater Studded Beeb" article for more official information.
Greater Studded Beeb The icon used to represent this enemy.
File:PA greater-studded-beeb.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Soplouse
Attacks Crushes Pikmin, deflowers Pikmin

The Greater Studded Beeb shares the same basic shape with the Greater Bladed Beeb, only it has spiked balls instead of blades and its body is colored differently. Like other similar mechanical enemies with weak points, it can only be damaged using Bomb-rocks, Rock Pikmin, or a similar Pikmin due to its crystal-like weak points. Greater Studded Beebs, like Greater Bladed Beebs, have three distinct attack styles: the first attack style is swinging each of its spiked balls once; the second is swinging both of its spiked balls onto the ground whilst simultaneously dashing forward; the third is swinging its spiked balls in a circle around itself, with its spiked balls low to the ground. Pikmin are usually thrown off of the Greater Studded Beeb during the second and third attack styles. Pikmin that are caught underneath of a spiked ball will be crushed, but they will otherwise be merely thrown back a fair distance and deflowered if stuck by one. In contrast to the Greater Bladed Beeb, the spiked balls of a Greater Studded Beeb cannot get stuck in the ground and as such it is not as vulnerable. When a Greater Studded Beeb slams it spiked balls down onto soft ground such as sand, they will temporarily form craters and cause sand to rise into the air. Greater Studded Beebs do not fare well in areas with hard ground types such as stone, as their spiked balls will simply rebound off of the hard surface. As the case with the Greater Bladed Beeb, Greater Studded Beebs can be stunned momentarily with bomb-rocks. The Greater Studded Beeb is unique from the Greater Bladed Beeb in that it intelligently uses its spike balls to block Pikmin or bomb-rocks that are thrown at it. Breaking one of its weak points will make it will roar in rage, causing the yellow lights on its body to turn red. In this second phase, a Greater Studded Beeb will speed up its attacks and add consecutive strikes to them, as well as repeat an attack it has just performed; normally, Greater Studded Beebs do not repeat the same attack twice in a row. Once defeated, its eyes will widen and it will collapse on the floor before exploding.