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Not to be confused with grub-hog family.

The grub-dog family contains many species ranging from mammalian, fish-like, and even robotic. Members of this family are frequently mimicked by those of the breadbug family.



Alpha Bulbear

Alpha Bulbear.jpg
Main article: Alpha Bulbear

The Alpha Bulbear is a large grub-dog that can crush and eat Pikmin. The spikes on its backside can impale Pikmin.

Bulbear Larva

Bulbear Larva.png
Main article: Bulbear Larva

Bulbear Larvae are newborn bulbears sometimes birthed by Empress Bulbears. Despite looking slightly different, having the characteristic lips of bulbears, the only difference between them and Bulborb Larvae is that Bulbear Larvae are a bit faster; the same tactics and cautions used for Bulborb Larvae apply here as well. They burst upon defeat, but will sometimes release nectar.

Dino Bulbear

Dino Bulbear.png
Main article: Dino Bulbear

The Dino Bulbear is a medium-sized Bulbear with vibrant colors. The Dino Bulbear patrols several set paths searching for prey, instead of passively feeding on creatures that wander into an unlimited territorial range.

Dwarf Bulbear

P3 Dwarf Bulbear.png
Main article: Dwarf Bulbear

Dwarf Spotty Bulbears resemble miniature Spotty Bulbears, but unlike most other dwarf bulborbs, are actually juvenile bulbears. Bulbears, in particular, are known for hunting along set patrol routes in search of prey, but these immature grub-dogs do not yet have established routes, and thus rely on their parent to guide them towards food. When by themselves, Dwarf Bulbears will behave just like dwarf bulborbs, but if an adult bulbear happens to stroll by, these eager young creatures will bark and immediately fall into line behind the beast.

Dwarf Green Bulbear

Main article: Dwarf Green Bulbear

The Dwarf Green Bulbear is like a pack leader for dwarf bulbears, but will also follow Green Bulbears. Most of the time, it's just found with other Dwarf Green Bulbears. It is able to command the dwarf bulbears to fight for it or retreat, but otherwise, it is identical to them in every way.

Dwarf Red Bulbear

Main article: Dwarf Red Bulbear

Dwarf Red Bulbears are juvenile Red Bulbears and are commonly seen sleeping near them in great numbers. They aren't much different from dwarf bulbears aside from color, however; the exact same tactics used to defeat dwarf bulbears also apply to this creature.

Dwarf White Bulbear

Main article: Dwarf White Bulbear

The Dwarf White Bulbear is a premature version of a regular White Bulbear. It is they same color scheme as the adult only smaller in size. They behave the same as a Dwarf Bulbear only when they shake they release poisonous bacteria that poisons all non White Pikmin.

Emperor Bulbear

Main article: Emperor Bulbear

The Emperor Bulbear is both smaller and weaker than the Emperor Bulblax, but is no less ravenous and can still eat a large number of Pikmin if underestimated. It doesn't have any kind of protection on its back, so it can be damaged from all sides. At low health, the Emperor Bulbear will try to squash Pikmin with a high jump, but it has a long windup and cooldown, so it is still fairly easy to avoid compared to the Emperor Bulblax's jump.

Empress Bulbear

Main article: Empress Bulbear

The Empress Bulbear is a stronger variant of the Empress Bulblax. It behaves extremely similarly, but has a few additional attacks; most notably, it can attack Pikmin directly in front of it, either by biting or heaving its weight forward to crush them. The Empress Bulbear may also spawn Bulbear Larvae or cause boulders to fall from the ceiling. The same tactics used to fell an Empress Bulblax are applicable here, but with more caution advised due to this beast's more vicious tendencies.

Giga Bulbear

Giga Bulbear.png
Main article: Giga Bulbear

The biggest of all the bulbears, the Giga Bulbear is the size of an Emperor Bulblax and is encountered in a very large arena. Because of its enormous size, it is able to devour an entire team of Pikmin in one bite, so approaching it carelessly is extremely ill-advised.

Granite Bulbear

Main article: Granite Bulbear

he Granite Bulbear is a rare evolution that is made when a Red Bulbear eats an Evo Pikmin. It has gained rock hard armor and another set of jaws. The armor makes it almost impossible to have Pikmin damage it, so it might be necessary to use Iron Pikmin against it. It thrives in hot or dark areas and loves to eat granite and metal.

Green Bulbear

Green Bulbear.jpg
Main article: Green Bulbear

What a Spotty Bulbear is to Dwarf Bulbears, the Green Bulbear is to Spotty Bulbears. Slightly larger than a Spotty Bulbear, it can eat fifteen Pikmin at once, and has double the stamina of a Spotty Bulbear. It will also regenerate health after death, meaning its corpse must be disposed of quickly. Because Green Bulbears are commonly accompanied by Spotty Bulbears, which are, in turn, followed by Dwarf Bulbears, they are among the most dangerous of all lesser grub-dogs.

Hairy Bulbear

Hairy Bulbear.jpg
Main article: Hairy Bulbear

Just like the hairy bulborb, the Hairy Bulbear is found in cold areas. It has large tufts of hair on it. It is red spotted and has white and faded black as base colors.

Lesser Bulbear

Main article: Lesser Bulbear

The Lesser Bulbear is brown and the size of an adult Bulbmin, and roams the area freely. Though it's smaller and weaker than the Spotty Bulbear, only being able to eat a small number of Pikmin at a time, it's also more common and tends to appear in groups. The Lesser Bulbear can dodge to the side to avoid attacks and catch Pikmin off guard.

Mossy Bulbear

Main article: Mossy Bulbear

The Mossy Bulbear is a bulbear that has moss on him. Occasionally, some pikmin may get stuck to it's back if thrown there.

Orange-Eyed Bulbear

Main article: Orange-Eyed Bulbear

The Orange-Eyed Bulbear is a large species of Grub-dog found on planet Aridia. It is a large gray skinned Bulbear with a dark tanned face a huge orange eyeballs with no pupils. Those large eyeballs help this creature see in dark or hazardous environments. This creature is a very dangerous predator, as it will be after you as soon as a day stars or a s soon as you touch down on a sublevel. Luckily though, it has smaller health than other species. But unluckily, it's large mouth makes it able to eat more Pikmin than the average Bulbear.

Red Bulbear

Red Bulbear.jpg
Main article: Red Bulbear

The Red Bulbear is very similar to the Spotty Bulbear, but is set apart by its nocturnal nature; the Red Bulbear sleeps during the day like most bulborbs. In effect, it is a stronger version of the Red Bulborb, and is marginally stronger than a Spotty Bulbear. Dwarf Red Bulbears also accompany this creature in great numbers, also sleeping nearby.

Spotty Bulbear

P3 Spotty Bulbear.png
Main article: Spotty Bulbear

Spotty Bulbears are creatures that resemble bulborbs in appearance but have several differences. They are a bit shorter, with rounded snouts, large, chapped lips, and a wide mouth which allows them to gobble up many more Pikmin. From a distance, they are easily distinguishable by their tan faces and black bodies with red spots. Often, a Spotty Bulbear is followed by a group of Dwarf Bulbears. These beasts can be found either sleeping or actively patrolling their territory during the daytime, making them all the more dangerous. Dwarf Bulbears may also follow them while they patrol.

Stomping Bulbear

Main article: Stomping Bulbear

The Stomping Bulbear is an evolution of the Spotty Bulbear when it eats and Evo Pikmin. It is a dark gray Bulbear with orange spots and a slightly larger abdomen. It also comes with giant feet that are the size of a wide screen TV. It uses these feet to crush pikmin and wake up and enrage other sleeping Grub-dogs. It also has a larger mouth, so it can scoop up more pikmin in it's mouth. It wanders just like a regular Bulbear also has children following it sometimes.

Vampire Bulbear

Vampire Bulbear.png
Main article: Vampire Bulbear

Vampire Bulbears possess much more contrast in their coloration than ordinary Spotty Bulbears do. They possess more vibrant reds, deeper blacks, and paler flesh. On top of that, Vampiric Bulbears also possess striking red eyes that can easily be seen in darkness. The whites of their eyes are a deep black hue as well. After having approached its prey, Vampiric Bulbears lunge forward in an attempt to consume it, usually grabbing hold of its meal. If it had been harmed, anything the Vampiric Bulbear eats will restore a portion of its health. Additionally, the Vampiric Bulbear will recover slightly faster after death than an ordinary Spotty Bulbear does.

Watery Bulbear

Main article: Watery Bulbear

The Watery Bulbear is a close relative of the Spotty Bulbear and the Watery Bulblax. Drool practically flows from its mouth, and covering its back is a watery membrane: any Pikmin that touches either one will drown unless they are Blue Pikmin. It is normally found sleeping peacefully and only awakens if it is disturbed.

Webbed Bulbear

Main article: Webbed Bulbear

The Webbed Bulbear is a semi-aquatic species of Bulbear. It's appearance resembles a smaller version of a Bulbear with brownish-green skin, and webbed feet hence the name. It is fairly standard in its approach, though it does move a bit faster in water than on land.

White Bulbear

Main article: White Bulbear

The White Bulbear is a poisonous relative of the Spotty Bulbear.


Blue Bulbmin

Blue Bulbmin.jpg
Main article: Blue Bulbmin

These ultra-rare creatures are led by Blue Bulbmin leaders, similar to regular Bulbmin. If a squad of Blue Bulbmin is able to be tracked down and defeated, five juvenile Blue Bulbmin are able to be collected, if there is enough space in the party. Be warned, however, that adult Blue Bulbmin are formidable foes. Resistant to all elements, Blue Bulbmin can leave the dungeon as well. There are four separate Blue Bulbmin leaders scattered in deep dungeons throughout the world, giving a maximum of twenty Blue Bulbmin that can be held in the ship at a time.


Bulbearmin adult.png
Main article: Bulbearmin

Bulbearmin are a parasitic species of Pikmin that infected a bulbear and taken control of it. The leader needs to be killed first. Have your pikmin take control over it ASAP once killed.

Bulbearmin Alpha

Main article: Bulbearmin Alpha

A green variation of Bulbearmin.


P2 Bulbmin adult art.jpg
Main article: Bulbmin

Bulbmin are Red Bulborbs that are host to a parasitic species of Pikmin; it is hinted by Olimar that these parasitic Pikmin can take on other hosts as well. They can be found wandering an area, patrolling an established path in search of food. Mature Bulbmin, acting as a leader, are usually followed by up to ten juvenile Bulbmin. These wild juveniles can be used like normal Pikmin by leaders. The mature Bulbmin acts like a Bulborb, in that it will pursue and eat Pikmin. After defeating it, the smaller ones go into a panic. They are not dangerous, but whistling at them will instantly bring them into line under the leader's command, and they become part of the Pikmin swarm.

Golden Bulbmin

Golden Bulbmin adult.jpg
Main article: Golden Bulbmin

The Golden Bulbmin is an electrical variant of Bulbmin, the juveniles of which are notoriously special. They have the special ability to charge up and release an electrical discharge that causes enemies to flee. Pikmin the enemy uses this attack on panic. Golden Bulbmin are exceptionally rare and can travel aboveground with leaders.

Hairy Bulbmin

Main article: Hairy Bulbmin

The Hairy Bulbmin is a young Hairy Bulborb that is being controlled by the same parasitic Pikmin that controls Bulbmin. It roams the area, with five little Snow Bulbmin following it. It attacks just like normal Bulbmin, by eating Pikmin, but when it reaches half-health, its hairs shoot off of it, causing them to start panicking. This makes the Hairy Bulbmin a rather annoying foe to fight. When defeated, the five Snow Bulbmin can be recruited into the Pikmin squad.

Yellow Bulbmin

Main article: Yellow Bulbmin

The Yellow Bulbmin is a young Yellow Bulborb that is being controlled by the same parasitic Pikmin that controls Bulbmin. It roams the map, with five little Yellow Bulbmin following it. It attacks just like normal Bulbmin, by eating Pikmin, but it can also jump onto Pikmin, crushing them. When defeated, the five little Yellow Bulbmin can be recruited into the Pikmin squad, where they have a great throw height, high running speed, and resistance to electricity and water.


Acidic Bulblax

Acidic Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Acidic Bulblax

The Acidic Bulblax is a radioactive bulblax that secretes a deadly acid from its body that will dissolve any non-Green Pikmin on contact, making it extremely dangerous.

Acidic Emperor Bulblax

Acidic Emperor Bulbax.jpg
Main article: Acidic Emperor Bulblax

The Acidic Emperor Bulblax is a distant relative of the common Emperor Bulblax. Overall, the gargantuan beast is brilliantly-colored: its skin is yellow, its tongue is green, and its hide is purple. A thin layer of deadly acid covers the creature's entire body, so Green Pikmin are necessary to battle one.

Ancient Bulblax

Ancient Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Ancient Bulblax

The Ancient Bulblax is a remarkably-aged Emperor Bulblax that is as large as it is old. A multitude of plant life grows upon its back, including several Burgeoning Spiderworts. The Ancient Bulblax's voice is weak and its legs are frail, and so it cannot roar nor jump. Its eyesight and hearing are also poor, which causes the mighty beast to blindly wander around its territory in search of its prey. Because of its sheer size, the Ancient Bulblax can use its tongue to eat an insurmountable quantity Pikmin at once. As the behemoth walks, the berries of the Burgeoning Spiderworts on its back may fall to the ground below and burst upon impact, which may stun or topple anything standing nearby. Pikmin and leaders are most often affected by this, but enemies too can be affected.

Angler Bulblax

Angler Bulblax.png
Main article: Angler Bulblax

The Angler Bulblax is a subterranean menace and a member of the Grub-dog family. True to its name, the Angler Bulblax lures its prey using its tongue as well as the Common Glowcaps on its back. The creature's skin is entirely black in color, but its blue tongue glows much like the fungi dotted around its armored back. Similarly to the Emperor Bulblax, the Angler Bulblax's only weakpoint is its soft, fleshy face. The creature is also considerably larger than its brethren, and it uses its size to its advantage.

Anode Bulblax

Main article: Anode Bulblax

The Anode Bulblax emits electricity.

Aura Bulblax

Aura Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Aura Bulblax

The Aura Bulblax is a grub-dog that produces a special blue energy that is deadly to all Pikmin types. Much like the Fiery Bulblax, the creature is regularly found sleeping and will not awaken unless it is disturbed. Extreme care must be taken to avoid Pikmin getting too close to the creature and dying to its aura. If the Aura Bulblax is awoken, flee to a safe location and stay there until it returns to its resting spot and continues its slumber. Because the Aura Bulblax is always surrounded completely in an aura that instantly kills all Pikmin types that enter it, the creature may initially seem invincible.


Main article: Bomblax

The Bomblax is very similar to the Fiery Bulblax, but its entire back is covered in bomb rocks. When it spots Pikmin from a distance, it will roll lit bomb rocks toward them from its mouth. If the Bomblax is attacked from behind, it's likely to explode and take out any Pikmin nearby with it, so caution must be taken while dealing with this enemy; the easiest way to defeat one is to simply trick it into being caught in its own bomb rock's explosion.

Centipede Bulblax

Main article: Centipede Bulblax

The Centipede Bulblax is from the Grub-Dog family, althought it doesn't have legs. It has eyes, but they're stick to it's body, and don't look like an antenna, like the other Bulborbs. It don't walk, it crawls. Also, in water it doesn't drown, it just keep crawling, but in a much slower speed. It's body is huge, making it the tallest enemy ever seen. It isn't as large as the Empress Bulblax, but can roll over to attack Pikmin, even that being not a very effective attack from himself. His body is entirely segmented, and destroyed a part of it may defeat it, or lead the creature to try capturing his other body pieces.

Chemical Bulblax

Chemical Bulblax.png
Main article: Chemical Bulblax

The Chemical Bulblax is a stronger version of the Acidic Bulblax with a striking red and green coloration that makes it easy to tell apart. It also roams the area, searching for any Pikmin it can find. This bulblax's body is completely bare of any elemental aspect, so any type of Pikmin can attack its body. Instead, the Chemical Bulblax secretes acid from its mouth, leaving pools of deadly sludge as it goes along. It can also spew acid from its mouth when threatened. Although vulnerable to any type of Pikmin, the Chemical Bulblax's acid attack makes attacking it from the front extremely ill-advised, so it's safer to attack it from behind with a handful of Green Pikmin while keeping them away from the hungry Bulblax's mouth.

Darkfreeze Bulblax

Main article: Darkfreeze Bulblax

The Darkfreeze Bulblax is a bulblax infected by the Darkfreeze, recognizable by its dark coloration and vibrant blue veins, all encased in a frozen shell. It's as heavy a sleeper as any other bulborb, but while awake, it chases down Pikmin and leaders with deceptive speed. When the Darkfreeze Bulblax eats Pikmin, it also lets out some frozen breath from the sides of its mouth that freezes Pikmin in close proximity solid. Its back is too tough for any Pikmin to get a hold on, and even the ground it walks on becomes frozen and slippery. Ice-resistant Pikmin are all but necessary to fight one of these without heavy losses.

Darkfreeze Emperor Bulblax

Main article: Darkfreeze Emperor Bulblax

The Darkfreeze Emperor Bulblax is an Emperor Bulblax that has been infused with Darkfreeze energy.

Doom Bulblax

Doom Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Doom Bulblax

The Doom Bulblax is a bulblax infected by doom essence. It is one of the most powerful of all lesser grub-dogs as it can potentially turn Pikmin against their leaders by turning them into Doom Pikmin. It is also able to call nearby bulborbs to its side, does not sleep, deals residual damage to leaders, and can crush Pikmin by jumping on them. Approach this beast as if fighting a Fiery Bulblax, but be sure to pay close attention to the Pikmin so that they do not become Doom Pikmin and attack each other.

Dwarf Frigid Bulblax

Dwarf Frigid Bulblax.png
Main article: Dwarf Frigid Bulblax

Dwarf Frigid Bulblaxes are the offspring of the Frigid Bulblax. There are one hundred and one of them found with the Frigid Bulblax. They have not yet developed the icy coverings protecting their backsides, nor can they blow cold air or stomp. When the Frigid Bulblax dies, so do any remaining Dwarf Frigid Bulblaxes.

Dwarf Icy Bulblax

Main article: Dwarf Icy Bulblax

It resembles a grown-up Icy Bulblax only smaller. it doesn't possess the power to freeze Pikmin yet, as it is only a juvenile.

Dwarf Prince Bulblax

Main article: Dwarf Prince Bulblax

Dwarf Prince Bulblaxes are the immature versions of a Emperor Bulblax. They guard and protect the Emperor while he is sleeping.

Earthquake Empress Bulblax

Main article: Earthquake Empress Bulblax

It is a tan colored Empress Bulblax with dark yellow spots. It has a larger mouth that is used to scoop up Pikmin and smaller prey to eat. It can also give berth to larva that will attack when given the chance. But if you have enough Pikmin, you should be fine. The dangerous part is when it's health starts to lower, it will make holes in the ground by shaking the ground. If any Pikmin or larva are caught, they are instantly killed, making it a very dangerous foe. When it dies, it will make a large sinkhole and sink into it, making it impossible to collect.

Emperor Bulblax

P2 Emperor Bulblax.png
Main article: Emperor Bulblax

The Emperor Bulblax resembles a flabby yellow bulborb with small red eyes and a large, moss-covered backside. Its attacks include licking the ground with its tongue with the intent to eat any Pikmin that happen to be there, licking its face to get rid of offending Pikmin, and jumping into the air to crush and shake off Pikmin. The safest strategy by far is to trick the Emperor Bulblax into ingesting bomb rocks.

Empress Bulblax

P2 Empress Bulblax.png
Main article: Empress Bulblax

The Empress Bulblax resembles a cross between a Red Bulborb and a gargantuan termite queen. The Empress Bulblax seems to be vulnerable on all parts of its body, but attacking the head is easily the safest way to go about it. After a while, it will shake off any hostile Pikmin and roll left and right, crushing anything underneath and sometimes causing boulders to fall from the ceiling. Some Empress Bulblaxes continuously giving birth to ravenous Bulborb Larvae before and during the battle against it.

Fiery Bulblax

P2 Fiery Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Fiery Bulblax

The Fiery Bulblax is a rather odd-looking creature. Its entire body has a melted appearance, and one of its eyes is smaller than the other, possibly an eye tic. This mean-looking creature's skin secretes chemicals which combust upon exposure to oxygen, setting its body aflame. Only Red Pikmin can withstand the blaze this creature's body produces. However, if lured into water, the flames can be extinguished, making it a prime target for Blue Pikmin.

Fiery Bulblax King

Main article: Fiery Bulblax King

The Fiery Bulblax King is the boss of the Flaming Farm. It rolls around the arena and when it hits a wall, it is vulnerable to pikmin attacks.

Flying Bulblax

Flying Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Flying Bulblax

The Flying Bulblax is a rare bulblax with broad wings and a pink coloration. It locks its sight onto Pikmin from afar and swoops down to gobble them up as it flies across. The Flying Bulblax has no elemental affinity, so it can be physically touched by any kind of Pikmin without harm. However, it always flies high enough in the air that only Yellow Pikmin can consistently be thrown at it. Another viable tactic is to trick the Flying Bulblax into ramming into a wall as it dives, which downs it immediately and leaves it vulnerable to attack for a good amount of time.

Frigid Bulblax

Frigid Bulblax.png
Main article: Frigid Bulblax

The Frigid Bulblax is a grub-dog that has a coating of ice protecting its rear. Only Rock Pikmin can smash the ice. The creature has the ability to blow cold air at leaders and Pikmin, freezing them if they are caught in the way. The Frigid Bulblax also displays the ability to stomp on the ground to cause icicles to fall from the ceiling, which can land on leaders, Pikmin, the creature itself, or its young. The creature itself can also crush Pikmin, making it dangerous to even be around.

Galactic Bulblax

Main article: Galactic Bulblax

The Galactic Bulblax, is a huge species of Bulblax, three times larger than the Emperor Bulblax in Pikmin 1. It's hide is adorned with purple energy and ancient moss. It is so large, that it consumes 25 pounds of food per day. It is largest of all creatures on the Pikmin Planet, even larger than the terrible Giga Bulbear, and the most fearsome. It's eyes have sickly yellow pupils, while it's face is covered with ancient wrinkles and scars. Only one has been discovered, when it crashed into the Planet of the Pikmin, like a meteor, before burrowing deep in the sand. It later resurfaced, in Royal Den.

Ghastly Emperor Bulblax

Ghastly Emperor Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Ghastly Emperor Bulblax

The Ghastly Emperor Bulblax is the ghost of an Emperor Bulblax that floats above the ground. It has all the same attacks as a living Emperor Bulblax, but it can also move through solid walls to reach its target. This creature is also usually intangible and cannot be harmed normally; to damage the Ghastly Emperor Bulblax, it must be made to turn solid first. When killed, it leaves nothing behind.

Ghastly Empress Bulblax

Ghastly Empress Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Ghastly Empress Bulblax

The Ghastly Empress Bulblax is the ghost of an Empress Bulblax. It has all the same attacks as a living Empress Bulblax, but it can also roll through solid walls to crush Pikmin. This creature is also usually intangible and cannot be harmed normally; to damage the Ghastly Empress Bulblax, it must be made to turn solid first. When killed, it leaves nothing behind.

Heir Bulblax

Heir Bulblax.png
Main article: Heir Bulblax

The Heir Bulblax is similar to the Emperor Bulblax, but is slightly smaller and has an armor-plated face impervious to harm. Its back is covered in crystal that has to be smashed open with Rock Pikmin to expose it to attack, but it will regrow this shell over time. In addition to eating Pikmin, it can also bunker down and surround itself with poisonous gas.

Helm Bulblax

Main article: Helm Bulblax

The Helm Bulblax is a large species of Grub-dog and an ancient relative of the Emperor Bulblax. It is also the boss of East Sinkhole and a mini boss in Cave of Critters, where it is smaller and multiple ones are on the floor. It is also a mini boss in Titanic Tower as well. It is a dark green faced Bulblax with a large rocky helm on it's head that looks exactly like a mask. It has red eyes like an emperor Bulblax and a large green rock on it's back as well. But it is much more aggressive and attacks enemies on sight. As it's name suggests, it has a stone helm that can only be broken by Craftmin bombs or Gray Pikmin. It can ram into you and send you flying away from your squad so be careful of this beast.

Horned Bulblax

Main article: Horned Bulblax

The Horned Bulblax is a large, dark green bulblax that is notable for its complete lack of legs and is named for the large horns on its head that are presumably just for show. Because it has no legs, it can only slowly slither towards Pikmin, but Horned Bulblaxes are typically found in large numbers that make them considerably more dangerous. Therefore, it is advised to fight Horned Bulblaxes one at a time rather than facing the entire pack head-on.

Icy Bulblax

Icy Bulblax.png
Main article: Icy Bulblax

The Icy Bulblax is one of many elemental bulblaxes, distinguished by its light blue color and an icy chill that covers its entire body. It's so cold that it can only be attacked with cold-resistant Pikmin such as Cyan Pikmin, as all others will just freeze solid on contact, rendering them helpless against the hungry Bulblax.

Infernal Emperor Bulblax

Infernal Emperor Bulblax by Scruffy.png
Main article: Infernal Emperor Bulblax

The Infernal Emperor Bulblax is the same size as the Emperor Bulblax at the end of Pikmin. Instead of a purple tongue, yellow face and feet, and green hide, it has an orange tongue, red face and feet, and yellow hide. When it notices Pikmin or leaders, its entire body will turn aflame.

King Smoky Bulblax

King Smoky Bulblax.png
Main article: King Smoky Bulblax

The King Smoky Bulblax is a dark version of the Emperor Bulblax seen in the first game. However, unlike its normal version, it can only be fought once in the main story. Also, it is actually weaker than an actual Emperor Bulblax, as it has less health. All of its attacks are the same as a regular one's, except with the added effect of being able to suffocate any Pikmin that touch its backside.

Mega Bulblax

Mega Bulblax.png
Main article: Mega Bulblax

It appears to be a giant Bulblax who lost it's ability to set on fire, it is quite strong. But, Olimar and his Pikmin defeat the Bulblax, who chokes up the Rush Boots.

Mole Bulblax

Main article: Mole Bulblax


Orange Empress Bulblax

Orange Empress Bulblax.png
Main article: Orange Empress Bulblax

The Orange Empress Bulblax is considerably more mobile than the original Empress Bulblax and will slowly slither after Pikmin in hopes of wolfing them all down. It can use any attack used by the Empress Bulblax, and the same tactics used to defeat an Empress Bulblax are applicable for this creature.

Prince Bulblax

Main article: Prince Bulblax

It is a brown faced Bulblax with a stone crown-like object on it's head. It has a shell of rocks on it's back like an Emperor Bulblax, only it can be destroyed, revealing it's back side being a red hide almost similar to a Red Bulborb only with no spots. It can use it's long, green tongue to catch prey and Pikmin. It can also use it's small jump attack and squish any Pikmin underneath it. It also has an attack where it can spew huge balls of acid. Being a bit smaller than Emperor Bulblax, it almost takes up the whole arena.

Princess Bulblax

Main article: Princess Bulblax

This species of Bulblax is just a bit smaller than an Empress Bulblax but is just as vicious. It rolls over prey faster than Empress Bulblax, so reaction time is shortened. It also create Bulborb Larva, but these larva will act like Pikmin and swarm your team if the mass producing Bulblax is at half health. It will also summon different species of small Bulborbs. Whether it being a Dwarf Red Bulborb or even a Mole Bulblax. This is truly a dangerous predator.

Rock-Headed Bulblax

Main article: Rock-Headed Bulblax

It is a dark red colored Emperor Bulblax with a rock covering on it's head. It uses that covering to protect itself from attacking Pikmin as it uses it's slimy green tongue to pertrify and capture prey, where, it will immediately swallow them. It will also stomp it's foot to summon falling rocks to squish any Pikmin that are in the range of attack. The best way to attack it is to sneak up from behind, as it has no moss growing from it's back.

Silver Empress Bulblax

Main article: Silver Empress Bulblax

The Silver Empress Bulblax is the matriarch of Silver Bulborbs and a relative of the Empress Bulblax. It appears in Pikmin 251. Like the Empress Bulblax, it is an enormous, grub-like creature found only in caves. It can be found either sleeping or birthing a seemingly endless number of Bulborb Larvae. Some Silver Empress Bulblaxes can cause boulders to fall from the ceiling of the sublevel it is found in just by colliding into walls while it rolls back and forth. Unlike the Dwarf Silver Bulborb and just like the Silver Bulborb, the Silver Empress Bulblax can be attacked on any part of its body to drain its health.

Sticky Bulblax

Sticky Bulblax.jpg
Main article: Sticky Bulblax

The Sticky Bulblax is orange and completely covered in a coating of sticky slime. As a result, only Black Pikmin can attack the Sticky Bulblax; all other types will become stuck to its skin like flypaper, unable to be freed unless the beast is defeated. Pikmin stuck to the Sticky Bulblax are left to the mercy of other enemies which will still try to attack them, though if a Pikmin is killed in this way, the Sticky Bulblax also takes damage.

Sudoric Bulblax

Sudoric Bulblax concept.jpg
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The Sudoric Bulblax is a bulblax that has adapted to the threat of Pikmin by gaining the ability to use its sweat as a protective layer, Blue Pikmin and bomb rocks are the only things that can affect this creature because other types of Pikmin will begin to drown on contact with its sweat; even its eyes are protected by this watery layer.

Titan Bulblax

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The Titan Bulblax is tougher then emperor bulblax and as tall as beady long legs.

Toxic Bulblax

Toxic Bulblax.jpg
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The Toxic Bulblax is a poisonous relative of the Emperor Bulblax. Its impervious backside is purple instead of green and the fungi that grow on it glows neon colors. Its face is deathly white and it has disturbing red eyes. The tongue is black instead of purple. The Toxic Bulblax possess the same range of attacks as its relative, such as eating and crushing Pikmin, roaring to make Pikmin panic and to summon Mitites, and jumping high into the air to crush Pikmin. Poison gas flows through the cracks of the Toxic Bulblax's back, shrouding the boss in it. It can also belch poison gas at its attackers.

Watery Bulblax

Watery Bulblax.jpg
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The Watery Bulblax is the polar opposite of the Fiery Bulblax; blue, and constantly secreting water from pores in its skin to keep itself covered in a film of water. The Watery Bulblax's liquid covering causes Pikmin to drown if they try to attack it, so Blue Pikmin are required to defeat it.

Yellow Empress Bulblax

Yellow Empress Bulblax.jpg
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It a relative of the Empress Bulblax, but yellow with green spots. It has a slightly less health than an Empress Bulblax. However, it uses the same attacks as an Empress Bulblax, excluding giving birth to Bulborb Larva, and can only make boulders fall in the final encounter.


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The Z-Bulblax is an Emperor Bulblax that has been converted into a battle mount by the Z Syndicate. It has a large purple saddle and four Z-bots on its back. In addition to gulping your Pikmin down with its large tongue, the Z-bots riding it will also shoot lasers and throw Z-min into the battlefield.


Bilious Bulbot

PA Bilious Bulbot.png
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The Bilious Bulborb is the largest of all the common mechanical bulborbs. Its eyes and color make it resemble the Orange Bulborb.

Cosmic Complex Bulbot

Cosmic Complex Bulbot.png
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The Cosmic Complex Bulbot is a nearly invisible bulbot with cosmic powers. Its complex structure makes appear lifelike.

Emperor Bulbot

PA Emperor Bulbot.png
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The Emperor Bulbot is very similar to the Bulblord, also being a large robotic creature with purple orbs around it. However, it is green and has more menacing yellow eyes. It also attacks significantly faster, and can even spawn enemies like Red Bulbots.

Greater Bulbot

PA Greater Bulbot.png
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The Greater Bulbot is a huge mechanical enemy that can charge towards leaders and their Pikmin and also crush them by rolling over. It looks very similar to the Red Bulborb, except with various purple orbs around it that serve as weak points.

Green Bulbot

PA Green Bulbot.png
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The Green Bulbot is larger than most mechanical bulborbs. It usually appears in enclosed or dark areas.

Red Bulbot

PA Red Bulbot.png
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The Red Bulbot is the most basic of bulbots. They are mechanical, toy-like Red Bulborbs that march towards Pikmin and leaders to eat them. A Red Bulbot can only be damaged and killed by breaking the glowing purple weakpoint present on its body.

Yellow Bulbot

PA Yellow Bulbot.png
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The Yellow Bulbot is a mechanized version of the Yellow Bulborb. Yellow Bulborbs are usually larger than the Red Bulborbs but are no more challenging.


Altered Bulborb

Altered Bulborb.png
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The Altered Bulborb can expel electricity.

Aquatic Hairy Bulborb

Aquatic Hairy Bulborb.png
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The Aquatic Hairy Bulborb is closely related to the Hairy Bulborb, but it lives underwater. The haired characteristic of the Hairy Bulborb provides shelter for symbiotic creatures such as crustaceans and algae, which gives the Aquatic Hairy Bulborb a bit more of an edge compared to its terrestrial relative because its symbiotes can attack and poison Pikmin that try to attack it. It's advised to lure the Aquatic Hairy Bulborb onto land, and then attack with White Pikmin which will repel the poisonous creatures in its hair without being harmed, but be sure to keep them away from the Bulborb's hungry mouth.

Autumnal Bulborb

Autumnal Bulborb.png
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The Autumnal Bulborb has an orange back with white spots and is unique among grub-dogs because it only sleeps during the first half of the day. Once the clock hits noon, all Autumnal Bulborbs awaken and begin to patrol a small territory. It also has a charging attack where it dashes forward and eats Pikmin in its path.

Black Bulborb

Black Bulborb Night.jpg
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The Black Bulborb is only able to be encountered at night, as it sleeps underground during the day. It is among the most vicious of all bulborbs, as it moves and attacks twice as fast as a Red Bulborb. The Black Bulborb roams freely and doesn't easily give up on a target. It can also revive itself after death, making it a high priority to bring its body back before it can awaken.

Bland Bulborb

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Bland Bulborbs are not quite yet adult bulborbs, but matured Bulborb Larvae. If a Bulborb Larva remains alive for a span of fifty days, it will grow to become a Bland Bulborb. If a Bland Bulborb is left out for a span of about sixty more days, it is able to become any member of the grub-dog family.


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The Blaspook is similar to the Gaspook, except it wields fire instead of poison. While the Blaspook can be attacked by any kind of Pikmin, Red Pikmin are recommended as the Blaspook's signature attack is a burst of flame all around itself that sends Pikmin into a burning frenzy. Like the Gaspook, this enemy is highly resilient. When killed, the Blaspook will explode a few seconds after death, so whistle back Pikmin before they get blown to bits.

Blizzard Bulborb

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Blizzard Bulborbs were previously Hairy Bulborbs that have consumed an Evo Pikmin, and only then can it undergo such a magnificent transformation. It thrives in frozen climates and loves to make its home inside of frozen caves or hillsides. When disturbed, it exhales a freezing blast of icy cold wind that freezes Pikmin and or other small organisms on contact. It is a stronger variant of the Hairy Bulborb, possessing a larger build, more elegant fur, and additional, prominent fangs on its top lip near its snout.

Bloated Bulborb

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The Bloated Bulborb is dark green and is incredibly slow due to its gluttony, but has a little more health than the average Bulborb. Along with its green skin, it also has two extra canine teeth on each side of its mouth that are next to the existing ones to help it eat more, chew faster, and slash its prey apart. It will also eat smaller creatures to restore its own health.

Bloody Bulborb

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It is similar to a Red Bulborb in appearance, with the exception of its white spots which are replaced with glands that excrete a red substance that makes Pikmin gripping to it almost impossible. Bloody Bulborbs will often have pieces of flesh missing. Currently, the only sample recovered is code-named "CRI -001" and stored in the Red Onion's laboratory for study.

Blue Bulborb

P2 Blue Bulborb.png
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Blue Bulborbs are usually different depending on the game they're in. In some games, they are amphibious, and in other games, they're much like regular bulborbs.


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A Bomborb is a Red Bulborb infected with many explosive parasites that will eventually detonate when it dies. It has slow reaction times compared to most bulborbs, and may sleep for much longer than average. However, it is very dangerous while awake because it will not flinch from attacks. It is also guaranteed to explode some time after death, taking out any Pikmin currently carrying it, so it's recommended to avoid carrying this beast's body back.

Brown Bulborb

Brown Bulborb.png
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Another species similar to the Red Bulborb, the Brown Bulborb rolls around in mud to cool itself during the dry season. The mud sticks to its skin and hardens, giving its body large black splotches.

Bulborb Larva

P2 Bulborb Larva.png
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Bulborb Larvae are newly-born Bulborbs are without legs and do not yet have the unique color patterns that the adults display. These tiny creatures have exceptionally low vitality but are capable of eating Pikmin with incredible speed. These small enemies are continuously born from some Empress Bulblaxes.


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An older Dwarf Bulboid, its laser is much more devastating than its younger counterpart, and can actually can destroy treasures, and you must come back to get the treasure, so watch out.


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The Bulbpole is the evolution form of a Blue Bulborb. It is after eating a Evo Pikmin. This species has evolved to be part of an Amphituber like appearence. Since it has evolved this way, it must stay in water at all times. It looks like a tadpole, only with a bulborb face. Luckily for Pikmin, Bulbpoles love to dwell inside ponds and or lakes. It attacks by darting through the water, gulping up any Pikmin in the way. This is an enemy that is a force to be reckoned with in water.

Calavera Bulborb

Calavera Bulborb.png
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The Calavera Bulborb itself is a bulborb that has white skin, a purple rump with skull-shaped spots, eyes with black sclerae and cyan pupils, and a pair of light blue teeth. It has a facial coloration resembling a Calavera skull, after which the creature is named. On its head is a tall, black top hat. The Calavera Bulborb is positioned in the center of a wooden coffin that is partially filled with dirt. Growing from this coffin are thick, thorny tendrils the Calavera Bulborb uses to grab, skewer, and poison Pikmin.

Carnation Bulborb

HP Carnation Bulborb.png
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The Carnation Bulborb is a strange grub-dog that is entirely pink except for its beady black eyes and white spots on its rump. Because it has no legs, it must squirm on the ground, much like a Bulborb Larva.

Cyan Bulborb

Cyan Bulborb.jpg
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The Cyan Bulborb is a close relative of the Red Bulborb, sharing many of its behaviors and physical characteristics. It has teal eyes and a cyan back with white spots.

Cyborg Bulborb

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The Cyborg Bulborb is an Orange Bulborb that has been altered by the Z Syndicate's experiments. Half of its body is covered in metal, with a strange weapon near its mouth that fires lasers at your Pikmin. The lasers explode when the hit a wall or the floor.

Diamond Back Bulborb

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An older Bulborb, it is only found underground, where minerals in the soil help it shine brighter.

Dino Bulborb

Dino Bulborb.png
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The Dino Bulborb is the ancient ancestor of all grub-dogs. It is only found in the Lost Land and is extinct everywhere else. It has sharp fangs, red eyes, and yellow skin with green spots, and acts exactly the same as the Red Bulborb.

Dopey Bulborb

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The Dopey Bulborb is a pretty standard Bulborb except for the fact that it can charge at Pikmin quickly, eat a couple more Pikmin at once than a standard grub-dog, and will follow you across the entirety of any map once you are detected. It's massive eyebrows make it so it's eyes do not act as a weak point, unlike the grub-dogs Pikmin 3. After charging, the Dopey Bulborb will wipe the dirt out of it's mouth, which will leave it temporarily immobilized and susceptible to attack.

Dry Bulborb

Dry Bulborb black.png
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The Dry Bulborb is a bulborb that, despite its ghastly appearance, is not undead. It is a severely dehydrated bulborb and returns to normal upon entering water. Likewise, a bulborb without access to water will eventually deteriorate into a Dry Bulborb. They are extremely lightweight and can be carried by one to two Pikmin. A Dry Bulborb can be painted to tame it, causing it to attack other enemies.

Dwarf Autumnal Bulborb

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Dwarf Autumnal Bulborbs are usually found in groups nearby Autumnal Bulborbs. They are identical to other Dwarf Bulborbs, but they also have the ability to scream for help when threatened, which wakes up sleeping bulborbs and calls them to their side.

Dwarf Black Bulborb

Dwarf Black Bulborb.jpg
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This bulborb loves darkness, and it will grow up to be a Black Red-Striped Bulborb if it is in the sun too long its red spots will fade and it will die. It can consume your pikmin's souls to regain its health.

Dwarf Bulboid

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Like the Man-at-Legs, this creature is morphed with both natural and mechanical parts. It is unknown how it got a laser.

Dwarf Diamondback Bulborb

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A young Diamondback Bulborb, it will flash once at half health to knock off Pikmin.

Dwarf Flying Bulborb

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This beast is a smaller Flying Bulborb.

Dwarf Lime Bulborb

Dwarf Lime Bulborb.jpg
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The Dwarf Lime Bulborb same stats as a dwarf orange bulborb, and it can spit poison at your pikmin.

Dwarf Ornate Bulborb

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The Dwarf Ornate Bulborb behaves like a Dwarf Bulbear, but rather than just following the adults of its own, it will follow any nearby adult bulborb. If the Dwarf Ornate Bulborb notices a Pikmin or leader that a nearby adult is unaware of, it will scream to alert the nearby adult, this will also alert up any other nearby enemies to the group's location.

Dwarf Smoky Bulborb

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Dwarf Smoky Bulborbs are, unlike many dwarf variants of Bulborbs, actually grub-dogs. They are an adolescent versions of Smoky Bulborbs, and have the characteristic smoke-enveloped back which Pikmin can't touch. The young grub-dogs are highly agressive, and are always mobile.

Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb

Dwarf Whiptongue Bulborb.png
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They are the juvenile forms of the Whiptongue Bulborb.

Fiery Bulborb

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The Fiery Bulborb is a weaker relative of the Fiery Bulblax.

Flying Bulborb

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The Flying bulborb is a bulborb that can fly.

Freshwater Bulborb

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The Freshwater Bulborb is a small bulborb with gills and a mottled blue and brown coloration, adapted for life in the water. It is between a Red Bulborb and Dwarf Bulborb in size but is just as ravenous as any other large bulborb. Unlike most bulborbs, which spend most of their time sleeping, the Freshwater Bulborb ambushes Pikmin passing by.


Main article: Gaspook

The Gaspook is a skeletal bulborb wreathed in poison gas that either eats Pikmin, or attacks with bursts of poison from its mouth. Because it's undead, it has a high pain tolerance, and its poisonous cloud prevents most Pikmin from getting a hold on its back, so White Pikmin are strongly recommended for fighting Gaspooks.

General Bulborb

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This species of Bulborb had grown to gigantic proportions in response to larger prey items. According to the opening cinematic to the boss fight - it shows a few sleeping Bulborbs retreating as it arrives, roaring at them - the General Bulborb will easily attack its own kind, and possibly sees them as food as well. Being a Bulborb, it will slowly follow the player in the area. While slower than a usual Bulborb, it can break out into bursts of speed, which will eat any Pikmin in the way.

Ghostly Bulborb

Ghostly Bulborb.jpg
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The Ghostly Bulborb is the spirit of a deceased Red Bulborb. Instead of its red and white color, it has a grey body with purple spots and gleaming yellow eyes and it has lost its legs in exchange for a ghostly tail. It attacks the same way a Red Bulborb would, but it can now go through walls and other obstacles in its way. It abhors the touch of light and will dissipate into Dark Matter if it touches light.

Glitter Bulborb

Glitter Bulborb.gif
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The Glitter Bulborb is a rare bulborb that is adapted to eat metal. It's easily noticeable, as its entire back is plated in a hard black iron, and is so named for the metal crystallized on its snout. Oddly for a grub-dog, the Glitter Bulborb is less of a danger to Pikmin as it is to leaders; the metal-crunching bite of this bulborb is able to easily crush the metal space suits of leaders, dealing massive amounts of damage to them. It can also charge at leaders and Pikmin to send them flying from the impact.

Gray Bulborb

Main article: Gray Bulborb

The Gray Bulborb is almost entirely identical to the Red Bulborb, but has a silvery back and is much faster overall. It's recommended to only fight Gray Bulborbs with a full squad of flowered Pikmin, as this enemy can easily catch up to and eat leaf Pikmin that try to escape.

Green Bulborb

Green Bulborb.png
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The Green Bulborb is a smaller species of grub-dog, about the same size as an adult Bulbmin. Like adult Bulbmin, it patrols an area, hunting in packs.

Hairy Bulborb

P2 Hairy Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Hairy Bulborb

A bulborb that shares many traits with the Red Bulborb, Hairy Bulborbs are mostly white, with a brown nose and blue spots. The most notable characteristic of this particular subspecies is a plume of fluffy white hair on the creature's back, which insulates its body as an adaption to a colder habitat, and it falls off in battle. Hairy Bulborbs behave similarly to Red Bulborbs, but are slightly more aggressive and more resilient to attack. They can still be overpowered with a large army of Pikmin.

Ivy Bulborb

Ivy Bulborb.png
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The Ivy Bulborb is green and yellow, and so named for the covering of toxic vegetation growing on its skin. The Ivy Bulborb will seek out the bodies of enemies and eat them to restore health. Because of the toxins secreted from the ivy, the Ivy Bulborb's back can only be attacked with Lime Pikmin. When brought down to half health, however, the Ivy Bulborb's ivy covering falls off, leaving it vulnerable to all types of Pikmin. It can also be worthwhile to divert its attention using enemy bodies and then attack it.

Jade Bulborb

Jade Bulborb.jpg
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The Jade Bulborb is light green and is similar to other Bulborbs, but is notable for its ability to create razor-sharp shards of stone from its back when approached by Pikmin. These shards are launched at high speeds and may wound or kill Pikmin on contact.

Jungle Bulborb

Jungle Bulborb.jpg
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A rare species of grub-dog that lives in rainforests, the Jungle Bulborb is a deadly killer that can regurgitate its own stomach acid if awakened. Its back is covered in armor and moss, shielding its primary weak spot from attackers, and it can eat several Pikmin. It was once believed that these were juvenile Emperor Bulblaxes, though analysis has proved otherwise.


Main article: Mechaborb

The Mechaborb has the structural appearance of the standard Red Bulborb, is a metallic yellow color, and the rear has some plates missing, revealing wires and various organs. There is a hatch on both sides with a symbol on them.

Mega Bulborb

Main article: Mega Bulborb

It is a larger-sized Bulborb species.

Megacano Bulborb

Megacano Bulborb.jpg
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The Megacano Bulborb is a large bulborb with a pink-orange backside that has a mutated wart growing from the top of it. The wart spews deadly lava, too hot for any Pikmin except Red Pikmin to handle.

Mosh Pit Bulborb

Main article: Mosh Pit Bulborb

The Mosh Pit Bulborb is a species of Bulborb that lives on planet Aridia. It is a white faced brown bodied Bulborb with orange spots on its abdomen. It has purple eyes and sharp teeth. It is usually found in small pits in the ground, where it will first try to jump and create holes separating it from Pikmin squads. The impact will create small tremors which will send Pikmin panicking all over the place. If it misses, it will return to it's hole. If there is a small group of Pikmin, it will give chase and try to eat your squad.

Mud Bulborb

Main article: Mud Bulborb

These enemies are from Elemental Pikmin. They are the weak enemy of the Earth element. Once their health goes to 50%, they will vomit mud at regular intervals (every 45 seconds). This mud will drown all Pikmin except Brown Pikmin.

Mushroomy Bulborb

Mushroomy Bulborb.png
Main article: Mushroomy Bulborb

The Mushroomy Bulborb is a bulborb that was afflicted by Puffstool spores, zombifying it and giving it mushroom caps instead of spots. Any regular bulborb in close proximity to a Puffstool can become one of these creatures; a Mushroomy Bulborb, in turn, is able to turn Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin with spores emitted from its bite, should it fail to eat them.

Mutated Bulborb

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The Mutated Bulborb large bulborb afflicted by radiation-induced deformities and walks with a limp, making it move slower than a regular Bulborb. It is weak to Pikmin swarming its feet, causing it to topple and lose a large amount of health. Though the Mutated Bulborb is weak, it spews acid from its mouth upon death, temporarily preventing the retrieval of its body without the use of Green Pikmin.

Ninja Bulborb

Main article: Ninja Bulborb

The shady counterpart to the bulborb. They can see greatly in the dark and they love to hide. Bring your titan pikmin to detect their strike or else you will be in trouble.

Nubby Bulborb

HP Nubby Bulborb.png
Main article: Nubby Bulborb

The Nubby Bulborb is a small, pink grub-dog that resembles a miniature Carnation Bulborb with long legs.

Orange Bulborb

P3 Orange Bulborb.png
Main article: Orange Bulborb

The Orange Bulborb's appearance closely resembles that of other bulborbs, but this particular variant sports an orange rump with black spots and a dark face. Its yellow, bloodshot eyes are an indicator of this dangerous creature's vicious temperament. As with other bulborbs, this animal is usually found snoozing. It does not have any particular resistances or special attacks, and can't stuff any more Pikmin into its mouth than its relatives, but should still be approached with caution: Orange Bulborbs are especially easy to wake from a nap, and can often be extremely difficult to defeat without losing any Pikmin, even when using traditional bulborb-fighting tactics.

Ornate Bulborb

Ornate Bulborb.png
Main article: Ornate Bulborb

The Ornate Bulborb is a large grub-dog bearing stripes on its back, rather than dots. The Ornate Bulborb also bears a coloration similar to that of the Whiptongue Bulborb's. The Ornate Bulborb will roam an area much like a Spotty Bulbear, but rather than lumbering around, the Ornate Bulborb walks in a similar fashion to a Whiptongue Bulborb in that it walks at a fast, calculated pace. Also similar to the Whiptongue Bulborb in behavior, the Ornate Bulborb will occasionally sniff around.

Painted Bulborb

Main article: Painted Bulborb

The Painted Bulborb has a striking appearance, having teal skin, a purple rump with lavender spots, white fangs and nails, a red mouth with a pink tongue, and bright blue eyes on a pair of eyestalks. Its spots appear as if they were drawn by hand, giving the creature its name.

Peach Bulborb

Peach Bulborb.png
Main article: Peach Bulborb

The Peach Bulborb is immensely fat and thus moves considerably slower than other bulborbs, but its bulk gives it both increased health and resistance to pain. The Peach Bulborb roams the area freely and doesn't have to stop to eat Pikmin as it can grab them on the go while pursuing the rest. Its massive weight also lets it crush Pikmin underfoot, but it loses interest in its target easily and can be outrun by most Pikmin, so it's recommended to keep out of its way.

Pink Ivy Bulborb

Pink Ivy Bulborb.png
Main article: Pink Ivy Bulborb

The Pink Ivy Bulborb is a rare variant of the Ivy Bulborb that can eat ten Pikmin at once and at a faster pace. Other than that, the same tactics that apply to fighting the Ivy Bulborb also apply to this creature.

Purple Bulborb

Purple Bulborb.png
Main article: Purple Bulborb

Purple Bulborbs are actually female Red Bulborbs. They're heavy sleepers, so they can be attacked for some time before they start to retaliate. However, once they wake up, they will not return to their slumber, but will instead stand and look around to ensure there are no nearby threats. When they reach half-health, Purple Bulborbs have a change of roaring, which will cause Bulborb Larvae to emerge from the ground nearby, mirroring a behavior exhibited by Emperor Bulblaxes.

Rainbow Bulborb

Rainbow Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Rainbow Bulborb

The Rainbow Bulborb is a colorful species of grub-dog that is rarely encountered and disappears in the blink of any eye when threatened. They appear only where there is rain. Ultra-bitter spray and ultra-spicy spray are invaluable for taking down a Rainbow Bulborb, but Purple Pikmin are also just as useful because they can stun the creature and inflict lots of damage to it. After its defeat, a Rainbow Bulborb's body can be brought to an Onion to gain thirty-five Pikmin seeds.

Reality Bulborb

Reality Bulborb.gif
Main article: Reality Bulborb

The Reality Bulborb moves rather choppily when it walks, and can warp behind groups of Pikmin. The Reality Bulborb may also pass through walls. When the Reality Bulborb is defeated, it succumbs much like a Red Bulborb but with the characteristics of a Beady Long Legs; it falls, but disintegrates until nothing is left. If Pikmin are attacking the Reality Bulborb when it warps behind Captain Olimar's group of Pikmin, they will simply fall to the ground and their buds or flowers will wither upon impact with the ground. Defeating the Reality Bulborb may be difficult, but possible.

Red Bulborb

P3 Red Bulborb.png
Main article: Red Bulborb

Red Bulborbs, like most Bulborbs, are largely nocturnal creatures and prefer to spend the daytime sleeping. They have a slow reaction time and can be overwhelmed by a large enough force, but caution should always be taken, as these gluttonous predators can swallow several Pikmin at once. Attacking from behind will usually yield the best results, though the safest method is often just to toss heavy Purple Pikmin onto its back.

Royal Bulborb

Main article: Royal Bulborb

Royal Bulborbs are pets of the Royal Wraith. A royal bulborb is a purple bulborb wearing a crown behind its eyestalks.


Main article: Sandborb

The Sandborb is, unlike similar breadbugs, an actual grub-dog. It is diurnal and is therefore much faster than a normal bulborb during the day. It will roam like a Bulbear, although in a much smaller route. However, if another Sandborb is nearby they will come to help their comrade. They will not group together if their routes pass each other. Sandborbs have a sturdy spine that can not be crushed by pikmin, not even purples, as it is fully mature.

Sandy Bulborb

Sandy Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Sandy Bulborb

The Sandy Bulborb is an anomaly in the grub-dog family. Being composed of mostly sand and grit, its body collapses into a pile upon death. It is debated whether this creature is even a true grub-dog or not.

Seismic Bulborb

Main article: Seismic Bulborb

It has a pale face with a peach-colored body, and is a little larger in size and width than a Red Bulborb. This creature can only eat up to 2 pikmin at time, and is a slow chewer, but, it can use an attack similar to that of an Emperor Bulblax, by jumping less than 1 foot into the air and then crushing them.

Shaved Hairy Bulborb

Main article: Shaved Hairy Bulborb

It is almost identical to the Hairy Bulborb except that its backside lacks hair, revealing a yellow rump with black spots.

Silver Bulborb

Main article: Silver Bulborb

It is a distant relative of the Red Bulborb. Unlike with its dwarf counterpart, the Dwarf Silver Bulborb, the Silver Bulborb can be killed by swarming it with Pikmin. It is usually found sleeping until it is touched, where it wakes up.

Sinkhole Bulborb

Main article: Sinkhole Bulborb

It can only be seen when a Yellow Bulborb eats a Evo Pikmin. This is a unique species of Grub-dog because it lives underground. In overground areas, They are never actually seen until they attack. Once prey get sucked up inside the sinkhole, the Bulborb will snatch up what falls in.

Sleepwalker Bulborb

Main article: Sleepwalker Bulborb

The Sleepwalker Bublorb is a species of Grub-dog that has evolved from an Orange Bulborb. It happens when an Evo Pikmin is eaten. When you see this creature, it has an orange face and a black body with blue spots and blue eyestalks. The coloration of the eyestalks changes depending if it's awake or asleep. If it's awake, it's eyestalks change into a dark red color. If asleep, it remains blue. Even when perserved, It's a beautiful creature to look at.

Smoky Bulborb

Smoky Bulborb.jpg
Main article: Smoky Bulborb

Smoky Bulborbs are mature Bulborbs that have been infected with a virus. They can only be attacked from the front, because it's back is covered with black smoke.

Southern Cross Bulborb

Main article: Southern Cross Bulborb

The Southern Cross Bulborb moves incredibly quickly.

Snapjawed Bulborb

Snapjawed Bulborb.png
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The Snapjawed Bulborb is a medium-sized Grub-dog, bearing saber teeth, long legs similar to that of a jerboa or kangaroo mouse, and a long, thin snout with a bulbous tip. Their bodies are orange with tan spots, and their heads are a similar tan color. Their sclera are a deep yellow and their pupils are sharp and vertical, similar to that of felines or certain reptiles. The eyestalk of the Snapjawed Bulborb is thin and tall, giving it the farthest range of vision of any Grub-dog. Due to the form of their legs, Snapjawed Bulborbs jump to move around, and only make small steps to reorientate themselves.

Toothy Bulborb

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The Toothy Bulborb is a large and aggressive Grub-Dog. It is a black-and-white species with sandy skin along the front of the body, with prominent "sabre-teeth" on the sides of the mouth.

Trap-Door Bulborb

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It is a all black Bulborb with pink eyes and long sharp fangs. As it's name suggests, it hides in small trap doors. Once prey come into contact with it, the Bulborb will spring out, eating any prey (or Pikmin) near it. The best way to fight it is to use Craftmin straw dummies and have the Bulborb chew on it. It won't be able to retreat because it will take a while to eat it. So that is the perfect moment to strike. It can also suck in prey with it's mouth and chew them up when they are out of their holes.

Whiptongue Bulborb

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Whiptongue Bulborbs feature the characteristic rounded body and bulbous stalk-eyes, but they are different from their many terrestrial cousins in that they have a long, anteater-like snout instead of a large maw. It lashes its tongue out violently to ensnare Pikmin, then pulls them in and does a very brief animation of licking its chops and swallowing. The long tongue effectively gives the creature a ranged attack, which can make it a difficult foe to defeat.

White Bulborb

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The White Bulborb is very similar in behavior to the Red Bulborb, though it is a little bulkier and also has toxic breath. In addition to eating Pikmin, it also poisons Pikmin in the vicinity when it lunges. It's not usually enough of a threat to warrant using exclusively White Pikmin against it, but beware that its body will emit poisonous gas after a while, preventing non-White Pikmin from carrying it.

Yellow Bulborb

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The Yellow Bulborb is a creature very similar to the Red Bulborb in behavior and appearance, but these traits vary from game to game.

Zap Bulborb

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The Zap Bulborb can conduct electricity.

Zombie Bulborb

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The reanimated body of a bulborb that is able to walk around. In addition to its innate hunger and resistance to pain, it turns Pikmin that it eats into zombies that fight by its side, making it considerably dangerous.


Acid Dumple

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The Acid Dumple is more or less identical to the standard Water Dumple besides its green coloration, but it is found in acidic water, being highly resistant to the harmful effects. Because of its choice of habitat, it's foolish to go after an Acid Dumple without the use of acid-resistant Pikmin, but otherwise, they are no more dangerous than a regular Water Dumple.

Darkfreeze Dumple

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A Water Dumple infected by the Darkfreeze. As far as Darkfreeze enemies go, the Darkfreeze Dumple is one of the least extravagant, but it is still much faster than a regular Water Dumple and can eat several more Pikmin in a single bite. The Darkfreeze Dumple also freezes attacking Pikmin when it shakes them off, and will probably eat them soon afterward, so calling them back quickly is advised to avoid losses.

Dino Dumple

Dino Dumple.png
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An ancient ancestor of the Water Dumple found only in the Lost Land and distinguished by its yellow color and tusks. The Dino Dumple is slower than a regular Water Dumple, but if it manages to catch up, it eats Pikmin at a much faster rate, gobbling them down ravenously. They are usually found in packs of three or more.

Electric Dumple

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The Electric Dumple is similar to the regular Water Dumple but has an electrical attack that stuns Pikmin and leaves them helpless as the creature eats them. When the Electric Water Dumple's barbels begin to charge, that's the cue to back off.

Gummed Dumple

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They are a close relative of the Water Dumple, having the same general body shape and behavioral characteristics. Like Water Dumples, Gummed Dumples are found on land and in water, waiting idly until a leader or their Pikmin draw near, where they will begin giving chase. A Gummed Dumple will quickly lose interest if its potential meal walks too far away, however, and return to its original spot.

Hairy Dumple

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The Hairy Dumple is a relative of the Water Dumple that is covered in thick fur to keep it warm in cold climates. Though it is faster than a regular Water Dumple, it is exactly the same in all other aspects except appearance.

Icy Dumple

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Like a regular Water Dumple, the Icy Dumple is an aquatic creature that is able to grab two Pikmin in its mouth at a time, but unlike it, is differentiated from a Water Dumple by its blue-green color and the trail of ice it leaves as it moves.

Jungle Dumple

Jungle Dumple.png
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The Jungle Dumple is possibly the missing link between bulborbs and Water Dumples, as it still possesses legs in addition to the standard Water Dumple anatomy. These Dumples are very fast and mobile, unlike their sluggish cousins, and are most feared for their ability to shoot acid at long distances and poison Pikmin at close range. Jungle Dumples are fortunately rare and solitary creatures that aren't encountered often.

Lava Dumple

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The Lava Dumple is a species of volcanic grub-dog that resides in or near lava.

Long Water Dumple

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The Long Water Dumple is an elongated, eel-like variant of the Water Dumple, with bright yellow spots, a pink mouth lined with sharp teeth, and hair-like follicles on its head. They have two eye-stalks with glowing orbs on the end that act as its eyes, similar to bulborbs. It attacks by quickly lunging at its prey, eating any Pikmin in its way, after which it is vulnerable for attack. It can also attack by ramming into a wall, which causes boulders to fall. It can spit boulders at its attackers.

Mutated Jelly Pucker

Mutated Jelly Pucker.jpg
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Mutated Jelly Puckers are like Water Dumples, only poisonous. White Pikmin have an advantage against this toxic enemy! It is also somewhat related to a Water Dumple.

Rock-Clinger Water Dumple

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The Rock-Clinger Water Dumple spends most of its time stuck to the sides of rocks and watching Pikmin and leaders walk by. The Rock-Clinger Water Dumple is generally docile and will only attack in self-defense; if it is made to shake attacking Pikmin off of its body, it will bury them, and subsequently start eating the buried Pikmin. It's generally safe to just avoid these enemies because they make no effort to attack Pikmin unprovoked, but they are also very easy to defeat and carry back for Pikmin seeds.

Sky Dumple

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Unlike other Water Dumples, the Sky Dumple is a harmless filter-feeder that floats in the air due to its gas-filled head and makes no effort to attack Pikmin. Sky Dumples are typically found minding their own business as simple fodder, but because of their sticky skin, they may be found stuck to walls in great numbers, forming an obstacle that must be cleared to progress.

Springtrap Dumple

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The Springtrap Dumple is longer than other Water Dumples. True to its name, it is an ambush predator that springs out of the ground with extreme speed to grab Pikmin that pass by it, then returns to its burrow and eats them. Defeating it is as simple as baiting it to emerge from the ground, and then attacking with a large group of Pikmin before it can return to its burrow, but keep in mind that it is also much faster underwater and thus harder to catch.

Tad Dumple

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The Tad Dumple is named for the tadpole-like tail on its back. It also possesses tiny feet that make it more mobile. It is small, but also very nimble; not only is it able to eat Pikmin very quickly, but it can also hop onto Pikmin to pin them down and eat them. This creature only ever appears in the water and will never leave, so Blue Pikmin are required to defeat them; just keep in mind that they are very dangerous despite their size and low health.

Toxic Dumple

Toxic Dumple.jpg
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The Toxic Dumple is set apart from a regular Water Dumple by its white color and the trail of poison gas it leaves as it moves. The Toxic Dumple is also slower than most Water Dumples, but its poison trail makes it particularly annoying in the water, as Blue Pikmin have no defense against poison.

Warp Dumple

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The Warp Dumple is a rather tricky foe that can teleport around to confuse its prey. Looking like a large, yellow Water Dumple, it moves slowly but can warp over to its prey and gobble up over five in a single lunge. If your Pikmin attack it, it will simply teleport away, causing them to fall off and deflowering them. Luckily, if there is a large enough number of Pikmin attached to it, it will be unable to teleport.

Water Dumple

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The Warp Dumple is a relative of the Water Dumple that is noticeable for its large size and uniform yellow coloration. When it sees Pikmin, it moves through the water with such speed that it appears to teleport forward. It can also do this while Pikmin are attacking this to shake them off its body. Because of its size, the Warp Dumple can eat many Pikmin at a time, but it is also a bigger target and can be weighed down by enough Pikmin that it is rendered unable to move quickly to shake them off.


Beefy Bulblblub

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It has two curved horns over its eyes and dark red pupils with black scleras. It has long eyestalks and a very big and bulky body. This is colored dark brownish-red and has an ancient-looking cracked appearance. Its head is also abnormally large and its mouth is filled with interlocking fangs. Its feet are also very big. It has two massive, cherry-red legs with very wide clawed feet. When found, it will usually be in a very deep sleep. It sleeps standing up on its feet so it gets a head start when it wakes up, which happens as soon as a Pikmin attacks it. The creature will wake up with a sudden jerk, throwing off all of the Pikmin attached to it. It will open its enormous, glowing eyes, look around and then lock onto the leader.

Blue Bulbasker

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The Blue Bulbasker is a blue, aquatic grub-dog. This creature has sharp, jagged fangs, as well as fierce orange eyes that are not supported by eye stalks. It also sports large, fin-like flaps on the sides of its face which partially conceal its gills, meaning it is amphibious. This is supported by the fact that it treads in the shallow waters of The Fountain Valley. It eats six Pikmin at a time but does not try to shake them off. Instead, it will continue attempting to feed on Pikmin until it is defeated.


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The Blukorb is a bulborb-shaped mass of plasm. It acts like a Red Bulborb and leaves no remains when it dies.


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The Bulbush is mostly like any other big Bulborb, but is distinguished by its green coloration. Notably, its back is covered in symbiotic moss that makes it look a bit like a shrub when asleep. This slippery moss covering causes Pikmin to have a poor grip on the Bulbush's back, and they will fall off more easily. Attacking the Bulbush's face and eyes is advised, but watch out for its mouth, as it is just as ravenous as any other Bulborb.

Cavernous Bulbat

Cavernous Bulbat.png
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The Cavernous Bulbat is a highly divergent grub-dog thoroughly adapted for flight. It roosts on walls in groups until approached, then swoops down to snatch Pikmin and eat them. Their numbers make them somewhat dangerous, but Cavernous Bulbats also do not have much health and can be easily grounded by a few thrown Pikmin.

"Definitely a Bulborb"

Definitely a Bulborb.png
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This is an unknown creature disguised as a Red Bulborb. Despite this, it is classified as a member of the grub-dog family.

Eye-Stalker Bulbeel

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The Eye-Stalker Bulbeel is an aquatic variant of grub-dog. It strongly resembles a purple eel with red fins, light blue stripes on its sides, and a tan belly. Its mouth appears small and puckered when not attacking. They are found emerging from underwater pits. Eye-Stalker Bulbeels attack by lunging directly towards Pikmin or leaders with their mouth wide open to eat them, after which they will retreat. They poke their heads out before attacking, giving leaders a chance to get away.


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The Fungiborb is a grub-dog that is capable of transforming Pikmin into Mushroom Pikmin. It has brown skin, lavender eyes, and a large spotted mushroom cap protecting its backside. Pikmin that are thrown at this cap harmlessly bounce off of it, making attacking the Fungiborb's face its only effective means of attack. Whenever the Fungiborb shakes Pikmin off of itself, the cap on its back will drop spores, turning Pikmin nearby or under the creature into Mushroom Pikmin.

General Bulben

General Bulben.png
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General Bulben is a sapient Bulborb, and looks like a slightly small, green bulborb with white spots. He has whiskers on his face that make it look like he has a white mustache.

Honey Bulborb

Honey Bulborb.png
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This creature has honey dripping from its mouth as it tries to chomp your Pikmin. The honey that drips from its mouth can slow your Pikmin leaving them vulnerable to being eaten! These enemies can be taken out like regular Bulborbs at the back, allowing you to avoid the dripping honey it drools. This Bulborb is not related to the other Bulborb types.


Main article: Illint

The Illint is a distant relative of the bulborbs, taking some of the classic definitions of them, like spotty backs any eyestalks.

King Illint

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The King Illint is also a distant relative of bulborbs. It is a much larger version of the normal Illint, and leads the entire colony.

Omega Bulband

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The Omega Bulband is a boss in Pikmin: Dark Forces, and is one of the most challenging. It hops around constantly, attempting to eat Captain Olimar's Pikmin.

Penance Grub-Dog

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The Penance Grub-Dog is a natural oddity, appearing as a "hybrid" between over 30 different Bulborb species fused into the body of an Emperor Bulblax.

Red Bulbasker

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Found in The Sand Fields, this Bulbasker is a rare and fearsome enemy. It can eat up to 8 Pikmin at a time. It is a Blue Bulbasker, except its scales are a shiny red.


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The Rockborb is similar in size and shape to a Spotty Bulbear, but is made entirely of stone. It hides underground and may resemble an ordinary boulder from a distance, but emerges deceptively quickly when approached. While it is awake, the Rockborb will leap into the air to crush Pikmin underneath its heavy body. Because the Rockborb is made of stone, it is completely invincible; most Pikmin are unable to get a hold of its hide. Only certain types of Pikmin are able to weather its rocky covering and make it vulnerable to attack.


Main article: Sausageborb

The Sausageborb superficially resembles an Empress Bulblax, but its massive size comes from its massive appetite. This creature will try to eat Pikmin directly in front of it, or simply crush them under its bulk. In a pinch, it will burrow underground and reemerge somewhere else to attack from a different angle. The key to fighting the Sausageborb is to get behind it and attack its vulnerable rear end without getting crushed as it rolls around.

Spotty Goblax

Spotty Goblax.png
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The Spotty Goblax is a large member of the grub-dog family, being roughly the size of the average bulborb, but longer. Like its much larger relative, the Emperor Bulblax, the Spotty Goblax lies buried underground until a leader or their Pikmin comes near. When a target approaches, the Spotty Goblax will lunge from its hiding spot under the ground with its mouth agape, trying to scoop up a group of Pikmin. If its lunge attack is successful, it will instantly burrow back into the ground where it lands. If its attack fails, it will wander around on the surface, attacking any nearby Pikmin or leaders. Its movement speed, however, is considerably slow. After wandering on the surface for long enough, the Spotty Goblax will find a suitable location to burrow into the ground again.

Stubborn Bulblon

HP Stubborn Bulblon yellow.png
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Stubborn Bulblons are ferocious grub-dogs that are slightly larger than a Fiery Bulblax. They almost constantly patrol their territories in search of prey, which they can quickly and easily capture and eat, though they can sometimes be found sleeping. If approached while sleeping, a Stubborn Bulblon will wake up prematurely and give chase, a behavior exhibited by Orange Bulborbs.

Toy Bulborb

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The Toy Bulborb is a Mission Mode exclusive enemy in the game Pikmin E. It is a large, wooden carved toy with wheels that resembles a Bulborb. Despite being made of wood, they run around at high speeds and actively chase and eat Pikmin, making them a threat.


Main article: Trapmaw

The Trapmaw is a unique relative of the Grub-dog family that buries itself underground with its mouth wide open to capture prey. It is an underground-exclusive enemy, and will clamp its mouth shut if anything walks above it and can't get away in time. It is essentially the Grub-dog equivilent to the Pearly Clamclamp.

Xyynog Bulbzerg

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The Xyynog Bulbzerg is a black-colored Bulborb with light blue spots and red eyes. The defining feature between all Bulbzergs is the pair of muscular arms under their body. This pair of arms is black at the base, and light blue at the hands. The Xyynog Bulbzerg is a well known insomniac, and will spend all day staying at one spot, eccentrically looking around for easy prey, like Dwarf Bulborbs or Pikmin. When it spots one, it will rush to it and attack it. When Pikmin are launched on it, any immunities the Pikmin has will be temporarily wiped.