Help:Administrator's Handbook

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This page is meant to be used to navigate to other help pages, and should not be treated as a normal help page.

These help pages guide an administrator by explaining all of the special functions available to them, and practices they must avoid when trying to do their job.

This guide is not dealing with any of the software configuration issues that are associated with low-level operating system commands and configuration files directly associated with the use of the MediaWiki software.


  1. Explanation of admin-specific tools
    1. Page Deletion
    2. Page Protection
    3. User Blocking
    4. Sidebar
    5. Importing
    6. Edit History
    7. Rollback
    8. Special pages
    9. Editing in the MediaWiki Namespace
  2. Aspects of being a responsible administrator
    1. Introduction
    2. Being a Project Leader
    3. Recent Changes Patrol
    4. How to Handle Copyright Violations