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Hocotatians are apparently the dominant race of the planet Hocotate. They are referred to as"Hocotatians" in The Ship's announcment of the Massive Receptacle Series. They are about the size of a nickel and appear to be more advanced than humans, as well as having superior intelligence. They are capable of efficient extraterrestrial exploration and interaction, and use devices far beyond the current technology of humans. They bear some multiple resemblances to humans, including expressing human-like emotions; physically, Hocotatians have a humanoid shape, the main difference being a larger head-to-body ratio.

Their primary means of communication is speech and they are able to read and write. Hocotatians are a commercialized civilization, as their currency being the Poko; commercial service and offices exist in Hocotatian culture as well, with references to loan companies. The species has similar family structures to modern day western cultures: that is, husband, wife, children, and even pets.