Hole of Mass Pollution

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Pikmin: The Pollution
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This is the final dungeon in Pikmin: The Polluton. It has 15 floors, and many bosses.

Floor 1

It will have all breadbugs and most bulborbs. Near the end of the floor, you will battle Empress Bulblax and Emporer Bulblax at once. Emporer Bulblax will jump over Empress Bulblax when she rolls, and that will cause boulders to fall down.

Floor 2

It will have Jellyfloats, Mamutas, Snitchbugs, Dirigibugs, Sheargrubs, and Shearwigs. The bosses at the end is the Waterwraith and Firewraith at once, Magnetwraith and Electrowraith at once, the Acidwraith and Frostwraith at once, the Clambering Wraith, and then finally the Wraith King.

Floor 3

It will have every fire enemy, Dirigibugs, and some Honeywisps. The bosses at the end will be 2 Burrowing Snagret, and a Pileated Snagret. After that, you will battle the only 2 Burrowing Snarrows and Pileated Snarrow in the game.

Floor 4

It will have every water enemy, Puffy Blowhogs, and Honeywisps. The bosses of this floor are 2 Bulbfishes.

Floor 5

This is a rest floor. It has Mamuta Larvas, Honeywisps, eggs, candypop buds of all kinds, Bulborb Bulbmin, and sometimes Breadbug Bulbmin.

Floor 6

It is an Electrical Floor. It is a maze that constantly changes, and each square is rather large. This allows non yellow pikmin to pass through in time. At the end of the floor, there is no boss.

Floor 7

This is an ice floor, and has all ice enemies.

Floor 8

It's an electric floor, and has many electric enemies. Giant Breadbugs patrol the floors, and at the end of it, you battle the Vaclure, a giant futuristic vacuum with multiple plugs added.

Floor 9

Floor 10

Floor 11

Floor 12

Floor 13

Floor 14

Floor 15

The final floor of the final dungeon. The final boss is the Toxic Death Snitchbug. It will fly around a huge battlefield, with 6 arms: One fire, one ice, one electric, one frosty, one windy, and one aquatic. It's behind leaves a cloud of pollution.


  • The Boss Tower music plays from Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland on floors 1-14 and would not change to the boss music.
  • Beta names were: Hole of Death, Hole of Hell, Hell-hole of Death, and Hell-hole of Pollution. These were all scrapped because it wouldn't fit for a nintendo series.