Honeypot Skeeterskate

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Honeypot Skeeterskate
Family Spitterspatter

The Honeypot Skeeterskate is a species of spitterspatter that stores and spits the nectar it sucks up from the nectar pools it lives on.

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Honeypot Skeeterskate The icon used to represent this enemy.
Honeypot Skeeterskate.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Spitterspatter
Carry weight 2
Max. carriers 4
Seed worth 3
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 2
Attacks Spits nectar

The Honeypot Skeeterskate is a rather helpful spitterfamily. In sudden, sporadic bursts, it skims across the surface of nectar pools on which it dwells. When Pikmin or leaders come near, it stops to face them, leans forward to inflate the sac atop its head with nectar, and then proceeds to spew blobs of it at them while moving about as it does idly, periodically stopping to replenish its nectar supply. The projectiles nudge Pikmin and leaders they hit, also temporarily slightly slowing leaders and advancing the maturities of Pikmin by one stage.

Honeypot Skeeterskates are small, tripodal creatures that are predominantly yellow and have comparatively large features for their cream-and-gold-striped main body, which features large, yellow eyes and a long, narrow snout with a gold-colored rim and is topped by an inflatable, translucent sac with a protective cap atop it. Connected to its body are long, slender, black legs with hairy ankles, and at the end of each leg is a yellow foot resembling a feather.

While by no means dangerous, the Honeypot Skeeterskate can be considered a minor nuisance in some situations because of how its nectar blobs nudge Pikmin and leaders they hit. They are frail, as they have little vitality; swarming is an incredibly effective tactic, but landing even a single Pikmin on top of one will kill it instantly, additionally splattering any nectar in its sac at the time in its vicinity.