Insectoid Castle

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Pikoblitz 2
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The Insectoid Castle is on of the three caves in the Forsaken Forest in Pikoblitz 2. Hence its title, this cave contains several bug enemies. On the final floor is a boss returning from Pikoblitz.

Sublevels: 6

Items: 12

Hazards: Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison

Sublevel 1

Items: 1

Hazards: Fire

Layout: Basic with a slope which leads up to a birdhouse

Sublevel 2

Items: 2 (One in Antenna Beetle, One buried underground)

Hazards: None

Layout: Basic

Sublevel 3

Items: 2

Hazards: Poison, Electricity

Layout: Battlefield (Rusted Metal)

Sublevel 4

Items: 3

Hazards: Water, Electricity

Layout: Basic

Sublevel 5

Items: 3

Hazards: Water, Fire

Layout: Outdoor Garden

Sublevel 6

  • Electric Node X 6

Items: 1

  • Lighningrod Totem (Rhydon Figurine/Upgrade) 150 Pikmin points (15 Pikmin)

This gives you the Volt Barrier, Which prevents your captains to be hurt by electricity.

Hazards: Electricity

Layout: Basic