Lake of Despair

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The Lake of Despair is the second area from Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is a large lake with a forest near it. It has many water-themed dungeons and enemies. It holds 5 Hocotate files.


When Sagittarius gets the River Disrupter, the river flowing into the lake gets stopped, lowering the water level giving Sagittarius a place to land. Once he lands, he continues his search for the lost Hocotate files.

At the defeat of the Wollyviathan, Sagittarius gets the Sharper Blade. With that, he blasts off and prepares to land at a whole new area.

Pikmin Found


Subarea 1: Sandy Shore

A long, sandy shore overlooking the lake. It is home to many Crawmads. A bridge can be made to reach a small island where Blue Pikmin are found. The player can head north of the landing site to reach the Mist Swamp subarea. To the south is the Watery Abyss subarea.

Subarea 2: Mist Swamp

A misty swamp with lily pads the player can ride to reach other area if they don't have Blue Pikmin yet. Wollywogs and the baby versions of them are mostly found here. Across the swamp, to the north is the Paved Plain subarea.

Subarea 3: Paved Plain

A large parking lot with many broken and rundown cars. There is a recreation site here too. Electric enemies are mostly found at the parking lot.

Subarea 4: Watery Abyss

A deep section of the lake. An even deeper part is at the southernmost part of the lake.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Watery Well Watery Abyss 5 N/A Wollyviathan
Swamped Cave Mist Swamp 4 N/A Waterwraith
Abandoned Pool Paved Plain 3 N/A Ranging Bloyster

Enemies Encountered