Lesser Filthag

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Lesser Filthag
Family Phestank

The Filthag is a species of phestank that engulfs Pikmin it grabs in a ball of mud and then throws them at leaders and other Pikmin.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin X: Deep Freeze

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Pikmin X: Deep Freeze
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin X: Deep Freeze, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Lesser Filthag The icon used to represent this enemy.
Lesser Filthag.png
Scientific name Caenus minimus
Family Phestank
Areas Defiled Grounds, Fen of Frights
Caves Trembling Chasm, Petroleum Pipeline, Crypt of Enigma
Carry weight 4
Max. carriers 8
Seed worth 6
Attacks Deflowers, poisons, and crushes Pikmin

The Lesser Filthag is an enemy appearing in Pikmin X: Deep Freeze. A puddle of living mud wearing a small skull as armor, the Lesser Filthag is a common enemy in the later areas. Pikmin that touch its toxic flesh will be depetaled and poisoned. White Pikmin are immune to both of these effects, but even they are not safe from the beast's main attack: grabbing a Pikmin and throwing it back at leaders or other Pikmin as a ball of mud. This mud ball is small but can crush Pikmin, so dodge out of the way before the filthag tosses it at them. When defeated, the muddy part of the enemy dissolves into the ground, leaving behind the skull it was wearing.