Lilypad Lagoon

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Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain, a fanon game created by Bulborb bro.
Lilypad Lagoon
Pikmin discovered Orange Pikmin
Caves 6
Treasures 15

The Lilypad Lagoon is the fourth area in Pikmin: Dawn of the Food Chain. This region is filled with water, so Blue Pikmin are needed to explore a majority of the area until its water bodies can be drained. This area is home to many water enemies and has an appearance that resembles a backyard creek. There are a total of fifteen treasures and six caves in this area. Orange Pikmin are discovered here, in the spring fields.

Key locations

Landing site

There is nothing special about the landing site, but beware of any Bullwogs that may be there.

Spring fields

A large field full of spring flowers, this section is the most beautiful in this area. Despite that, this section also is home to some dangerous enemies such as Bullwogs and Spiny Crawshells. Bringing a large squad of Pikmin here is advised.

Lilypad bridge

The final section of this area. It consists of many lily pads, and water geysers used to reach other lily pads. Be warned that not every lilypad is an actual lily pad, as there is a creature known as the Carnivourous Lilypad, which disguises itself as a lily pad and can devour many Pikmin at once.