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"The world is larger than one may think."
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Gender Female
Age Adulthood (age unknown)
Skin color Olive
Eye color Green
Hair color Black
Home planet Hocotate
Known related characters None

Marie is the third playable leader in Pikmin: Wide World. She is found by Captain Olimar and Shacho in Ancient Metalworks, trapped in a web and positioned above a group of Dwarf Orange Bulborbs that are completely unaware of her presence. A distress signal marks her location on the HocoPad's radar. After Marie is found, she joins Olimar and Shacho in their mission, claiming she owes her life to them. She writes notes concerning the domestication and training of creatures native to PNF-404. Marie's whistle sounds like a trombone. Olimar and Shacho both consider her a brave, independent young woman. Louie reciprocates her sour feelings towards him.

Appearance and personality

Marie is a typical Hocotatian, having the same stature as others of her kind. She has a lean body type, an olive skin tone, green eyes, a large, round nose, and flowing, black hair. Orange is her favorite color and is prevalent all over her spacesuit, being the color of her gloves, backpack, beacon, and her suit's miscellaneous details. Otherwise, her spacesuit is white in color, and, as she cares not for feminine details that would set her spacesuit apart from a male's, it is very similar in shape to Olimar's and Louie's spacesuits.

Marie cares greatly about herself, but she puts the needs of her companions before her own. Above all, her heart goes out to animals, such as the ones that dominate the Pikmin Planet. Having grown up with many household pets, she's become very knowledgeable about their care and absolutely adores them. Marie was very loyal to the crew she was part of, as well as its leader, Captain Hunnigan, whom she greatly admired, even after being separated and inadvertently stranded from them during a terrible mishap that resulted in the untimely demise of each of her crewmates. Marie profusely thanks Olimar and Shacho for rescuing her, but not wanting any loose ends, she pleads with them to find who survived the onslaught of beasts that had ravaged the camp of her crewmates. After discovering the grim truth, she swears her loyalty to her saviors and vows to do her best with whatever she is instructed, so that she may never possibly fail them as she did her previous crewmates.


Marie provides a decent amount of information about herself, such as what she likes or dislikes, her fears, her greatest desires, and a bit about her past. She shares more about herself as she acclimates herself with Olimar, whom she begins to admire as much as she admires Captain Hunnigan, as well as Shacho, and even Louie, although she has a particular distaste for him, knowing him only as a selfish, inconsiderate dolt. It is also revealed that she is envious of Olimar's wife, Margot, for simply being his wife.

Early life

Little is known about Marie's early life, but, among other memories, she does mention that when she was very young, she had smuggled a family pet into her school and gotten in trouble for it. She also mentions her love for animals and her interest in exploration.

Joining an expedition

Immediately after becoming an adult, Marie signed up for a government-funded expedition to a mysterious planet, PNF-404, rich with wonders many Hocotations dreamed to witness and experience for themselves. She heard previously of the planet's marvels and hoped to see for herself the various lifeforms that survived there. As news spread about, she'd heard of an explorer that had initially discovered PNF-404 and visited it on three separate occasions: the first was after a collision with a stray meteor and subsequent crash-landing, the second was to repay a company debt, and the third was to repay yet another company debt. Marie somehow never learned the name or identity of this legendary explorer, but what she knew of him is that he had not yet returned from his latest trip by the time the expedition was announced to the public, nor had he returned by the time the expedition team planned to leave Hocotate.

Marie's impressive academic accomplishments were the cause of her swift acceptance into the expedition, and soon she was introduced to her ecstatic crewmates, as well as Captain Hunnigan, a heroic, strong, intelligent, and level-headed leader and friend many individuals looked up to. After a lengthy series of rigorous tests and activities meant to prepare the crew for zero gravity exposure, tight, cramped quarters, and an extended deep-space voyage, Marie, her eleven crewmates, and Captain Hunnigan took off excitedly towards the Pikmin Planet in their government-supplied spaceship, the S.S. Dreamstride.

A rough landing

After many weeks of deep-space transit, Captain Hunnigan and his crew caught their first glimpse of PNF-404. They gazed in awe and amazement as they drifted ever closer to the blue-and-green marble, but they soon realized they had to prepare to enter its atmosphere. Unfortunately, a mishap occurred while doing so, resulting in their spaceship crashlanding in Ancient Metalworks. The S.S. Dreamstride was, in actuality, the flaming object seen plummeting towards the surface of the Pikmin Planet after the ending credits of Pikmin 3. Although the sound of the impact startled and scared away the Pikmin in the area, it had the same effect on the dangerous creatures that preyed on them. Everyone on board suffered injuries ranging from light to heavy, but nothing fatal. They left the ruined ship and set up camp in the seemingly safe, defensible enclosure they landed within.

It wasn't long after until someone noticed a strange, stationary lifeform that had three bright, yellow legs and a spherical, purple body that had a flower on top of it. Although it appeared harmless, fear soon set in. Captain Hunnigan stepped up and effectively calmed his crew, reminding them that power is in numbers and empowering them by telling them to bravely stand their ground. In a line, shoulder-to-shoulder, they marched together to confront the creature that dares threaten their lives. They all stood before it, peering up at it curiously, but ready to fight at a moment's notice. After a while, a single Purple Pikmin emerged and slid down one of its legs, for the creature was a Purple Onion. The crew jumped back slightly, surprised by the sudden action, but still were ready to defend themselves. The Purple Pikmin hid cautiously behind one of the legs of the Onion, peering at the crew members while they peered back at it. Eventually, the Purple Pikmin could no longer resist its growing curiosity, and so it slowly and carefully approached the crew, knowing not to make any sudden movements. The crew braced for a fight, and the Purple Pikmin paused, and then thoughtfully put a hand on its chin and tilted its head.

Eventually, Captain Hunnigan and his crew realized that neither the Purple Pikmin nor the being it emerged from was dangerous. More Purple Pikmin slowly emerged from the Onion, and although the crew prepared to fight, they knew deep down inside these burly creatures meant no harm to them. After a seemingly long, tense standoff, the crew and the Purple Pikmin approached one another and befriended each other. As night fell, the Purple Pikmin retired to their Onion while the crew took shelter in the wreck that was once the S.S. Dreamrunner, or slept outside by it. The cycle repeated for days, with crew members exploring small portions of the otherwise deserted area with Purple Pikmin while they awaited rescue.

A terrible tragedy

On the night of the fourth day in Ancient Metalworks, other, dangerous inhabitants of the area began to return in search of prey. The entire crew was awoken by the sound of ravenous beasts entering their dark camp. Most of the crew members who were sleeping outside were devoured before they could properly defend themselves or even react. Those that got away fled to the Purple Onion, seeking assistance from the Purple Pikmin within. Those sleeping in the wreck of the S.S. Dreamstride could not remain sheltered for long, as the hungry creatures tore open the spaceship's hull to reach the defenseless, trapped prey, and although they fought back by throwing punches, they still were quickly eaten. Marie had been one of the crewmates sleeping outside that night, and she had been one of the only ones to have slipped away and reached the Purple Onion. The few crewmates who were there, Marie and Captain Hunnigan included, called out as many Purple Pikmin as they could. There was a meager amount of them, with twenty-seven total Purple Pikmin being housed inside the Onion. The crewmates and Pikmin fought hard but were still no match for the hungry beasts terrorizing their camp.

A sudden, unexpected blow from one of the creatures knocked Marie a fair distance away, to a location she was stranded from her group. The impact dazed her and she eventually, and fortunately, passed out in a location she could not watch nor hear her friends and idol die horribly. When she came to in the early morning, she attempted to contact any survivors, to no avail. She took it upon herself to clear a path to her crewmates, but eventually found herself caught in a web as she maneuvered around Ancient Metalworks. Unable to free herself, she activated a distress signal and, after having gotten no response for quite some time, eventually accepted that she would inevitably starve to death and be joining her crewmates and Captain Hunnigan in the afterlife. However, all was not lost, as, perhaps not by coincidence, Captain Olimar and Shacho had saved her life.

Captain Hunnigan

Sometime after joining Captain Olimar and Shacho in their travels, the trio eventually gains access to the camp Marie, her friends, and her idol once called home. There was seemingly no sign of any life there until Captain Hunnigan emerged from the wreck of the S.S. Dreamstride, generously reborn as a Captmin as a sign of thanks from the Purple Pikmin for having been a fine leader. After recovering a data file that was carried by Captain Hunnigan, which was a letter written by him and addressed to her, Marie realized she had begun the expedition as a soft nobody and become a hardened survivor. After thinking over what had occurred in such a short span of time, she couldn't help but become emotional grieving over the deaths of her friends and Captain Hunnigan and reading his letter to discover she was his favorite student and that he wished for her to continue fighting because he knew she was a strong warrior deep inside. At this point, Marie's already immense trust in Olimar and Shacho strengthened dramatically, and she thanked them profusely from the bottom of her heart for not only saving her life but also for helping her to finally find out what became of the crew of which she was part.