Material block

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This article relates to the canonical games. See Pikipedia's "Dirt block", "Cobblestone block", and "Iron block" articles for more canonical information.

Material blocks are obstacles that come in many different sizes and dimensions but never vary in shape. Larger material blocks are always more difficult and time-consuming to destroy than smaller ones. The purpose of material blocks is to block the paths they are on until they are cleared, although some material blocks may contain a wide variety of objects such as treasures, fruits, eggs, bomb-rocks, or even enemies. Soil blocks are most likely to contain an object or enemy. Each type is different in their own ways, and some cannot be destroyed. Stony Flint Beetles are notorious for moving material blocks around. Material blocks can be used to smother flames, if necessary.


Soil block

Soil blocks are composed of soft soils such as sand and dirt, and can be easily destroyed by having Pikmin attack them. If Rock Pikmin are thrown at a smaller soil block, they can instantly destroy the obstacle they initially hit and damage other soil blocks in their flight trajectory. Soil blocks can also be crushed by metal blocks that land on top of them. Burrowing enemies such as Male Sheargrubs may sometimes pop out of a destroyed soil block.

Packed soil block

The solid soil block is a stronger variant of the soil block and requires several hits in order to be destroyed. Packed soil blocks can also act as clogs. Burrowing enemies may also emerge from this block when it is destroyed.

Cobblestone block

Cobblestone blocks can only be destroyed by an explosion, such as the one created by a bomb-rock.

Metal block

Metal blocks cannot be destroyed and are meant to be pushed by Pikmin to clear a path forward. The larger a metal block is, the more Pikmin that are required to push it. Metal blocks are extremely heavy to begin with, as even the smallest size requires twenty Pikmin to push it. However, this weight is a blessing in disguise, as it can be used to crush enemies that happen to be under a metal block as it is falling.