Morning Lake

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Pikmin Adventure (DrTapeworm version)
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Morning Lake is the third level in Green Village in Pikmin Adventure. A lake separates two halves of the village, and since no boats are available during the waking hours of the morning, you'll have to do a bit of swimming. Water Dumples ooze around on the lake floor while Wollywogs patrol the land. Eventually you'll come across a tunnel that takes you straight to the other half of the village.


  • Trush
  • Brent
  • Crabbis
  • The Dumple Hunter



  • There are tons of secrets inside the lake, like Flower coins and Pikmin tokens hidden within flailing lake plants. There's also an island floating high above the lake that requires a Cannon Candypop Bud to reach. On this island is Crabbis and an extra life.