Mysterious World: The Game

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Mysterious World: The Game
This article or section presents information pertaining to Mysterious World: The Game, a fanon game created by EdwinWasHere.
Mysterious World: The Game
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Creator EdwinWasHere

Mysterious World: The Game is a Pikmin fangame created by EdwinWasHere. It is a retelling of Pikmin: Mysterious World, written by PikFan23. Alongside story mode, the game features online cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, Challenge Mode, and Amiibo Mode.


The opening begins with a narrator reading the prologue of Pikmin: Mysterious World. Ignis enters his Onion by climbing one of its legs, and following that, heads to the Sprout Facility, where he is taught the basics of being a Pikmin. Afterward, Ignis exits the Onion and slides down one of its legs, soon encountering Flare, who, after he and Ignis introduce themselves to one another, throws Ignis on top of a nearby Dwarf Red Bulborb, introducing just one of the many threats that prey upon Pikmin. While Ignis is in mid-air, Flare tells him that by executing a maneuver in mid-air, by the player pressing the A button at the right moment while it blinks on-screen, he can instantly kill the dwarf bulborb simply by landing on it with a perfect hit; otherwise, Ignis will have to repeatedly strike the enemy with his stem, by the player rapidly mashing the aforementioned button. If Ignis fails to kill the Dwarf Red Bulborb and is eaten by it, gameplay restarts at the moment Ignis is thrown by Flare.