Needlesnout Blowhog

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Pikmin Adventure enemies" article for more official information.
Needlesnout Blowhog The icon used to represent this enemy.
PA Needlesnout Blowhog.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Blowhog
Attacks Impales Pikmin

The Needlesnout Blowhog is a rare variety of Blowhog. Needlesnout Blowhogs, while they resemble miniature Puffy Blowhogs, have a completely different method of attacking: instead of blowing air at Leaders and Pikmin, they transform their snout into a spike and try to ram them head-on. Anything it charges into that isn't caught on its needle will be knocked back. Their entire body is a weak point, making attacking them somewhat easier than with most similar mechanical enemies. Needlesnout Blowhogs can only be harmed with Rock Pikmin or a similar Pikmin variety because of its body, which is a glass weak point. Bomb-rocks can also be used to destroy the creature and have the benefit of usually instantly kill it. However, Needlesnout Blowhogs are small, making hitting it difficult. They usually hover over pits, but they will sometimes float over solid ground. When defeated, a Needlesnout Blowhog will harmlessly shatter into pieces.


Monita's notes

"This unfriendly beast attacks by shooting needles from its mouth but mellows considerably after the initial assault. Still, a balloon with needles inside of it... That sounds like a dangerous combination!"