New Pikmin IV

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New Pikmin IV
This article or section presents information pertaining to New Pikmin IV, a fanon game created by CuddlyPikmin77.
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New Pikmin IV
New Pikmin IV box art.png
Rating E for Everyone
Genre Adventure and Sci-Fi
Platforms PikWii, Wii U
Media Unknown
Prequel Pikmin: The Onion Extinction
Sequel Pikmin: The Last Extinction
Creator CuddlyPikmin77

New Pikmin IV is a Fanon game that has new Pikmin, and enemies, and is where Olimar encounters his past self. The Plot is how the game should go and In the amount of days.


Original Pikmin:

Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, Blue Pikmin,

New Pikmin:

Nuclear Pikmin, Cuddly Pikmin, Spectral Pikmin, Pineapple Pikmin

Space Vehicles:


KaPossible II - The KaPossible II is the main ship. It is Pikmar’s Ship for the whole game.

404 Lander - The 404 Lander is a ship that somehow crashed on PNF-404 and was originally going to terraform the sector, like the SOGNO from Pikmin Forever.


Red Onion, Nuclear Onion, Yellow Onion, Spectral Onion, Blue Onion, Pineapple Onion, Snuggle Onion


Merged Onion, Super Merged Onion, Mega Merged Onion, Omega Onion, Storm Onion, Titan Onion


Captain Olimar is going to Sector-55A to finish a delivery for Hocotate Freight. The delivery is a success and while going back home through a warp, he got blasted out in to PNF-404's Warp because of a massive supernova caused by another Hocotatian Pilot trying to get rid of invaders with a Nova Blaster. As he finishes the warp his ship KaPossible II loses power and crashes on PNF-404. As he wakes up, he discovered he went through a time warp and he apparently crashed into the S.S. Dolphin as he was flying through. Past Olimar and Present Olimar smash inside the other’s and because of that, Present Olimar goes into a coma. Red Pikmin find him and take him to their Onion, creating Pikmar. Past Olimar is able to survive crashing again and smashes into his Auto-sleep Button.

Day 1: the Impact Site II

Past Olimar (To keep it short Pastmar) wakes up while Red Pikmin are carrying him to their Onion. He jumps up, and finds Pikmar planted into the ground. He plucks him and Pikmar is grateful. He says: “Thank you, I wish I could repay you... I remember being on this part of this planet, all alone, and scared, just the Pikmin and you... I guess I could help you repair my ship so you. can get out of the planet safely” and after that point Pikmar becomes a leader. And from that point he discovered he went through a time warp and he apparently crashed into the S.S. Dolphin as he was flying through the atmosphere. Pikmar lifts 3lbs and acts like a pikmin slightly (can be thrown, commanded, etc.) AND a leader. After finding out the KaPossible II is missing ship parts, Pikmar knows that the ship burned and is just a bent, head of burning metal of a spaceship shell. After finding the ship, Pikmar’s thoughts are correct, the ship is destroyed and all the parts were lost and destroyed. Then Pikmar recalls: “Wait! back on Future Hocotate, there is a Space-Amazon called Hocotate Transport Teleportation Compony (HTTC) Inc.! It can teleport ship parts to stranded Pilots and Explorers! If we just find one piece of treasure, and use it as cash, we could buy a engine and 2 Ionium Jets!”. Pastmar liked the Idea and in the afternoon, they find a piece of treasure Pikmar called, ‘Jewelry Ruby’ and is able to get the Ionium Jets and an engine. They blast off and go to a new area Pikmar calls “Radioactive Plains”

Day 2: Radioactive Plains

Pikmar and Pastmar land on the Radioactive Plains, and Pikmar starts to suffocate so he returns to the KaPossible II. “Sorry, *cough cough* I can’t breath poison without a space helmet, and mine is broke *cough cough*...” says Pikmar as he enters the KaPossible II. Pastmar explores the area, then he finds Nuclear Pikmin, which are looking for their Onion, the Nuclear Onion. Pastmar helps find the Onion, and he does right before Sunset. The Nuclear Onion Comes with Pastmar and Pikmar and merges with the Red Onion, creating the Merged Onion. Pikmar also finds a new area he calls ‘Haunted Electric Hill’.

Day 3: Haunted Electric Hill

Pikmar and Pastmar exit KaPossible and get out Red Pikmin from the Merged Onion. They break down a huge firewall and find a HUGE pile of treasure. They are able to buy 1 Signal Top, 100000lbs of air, 1 Glutton Drive, 2 Radiation Canopies, and 1 new spacesuit for Pikmar. They finish collecting everything by the end of the day. While going to their ship they spot 3 Yellow Pikmin being attacked by a Bulborb, their Onion hovering above them. Pikmar and Pastmar defeat the Bulborb, and get the Yellow Onion. The Onions Merge again making a Super Merged Onion. Pastmar then finds a new area he calls: ‘Treasure Battle Area’.

Day 4: Treasure Battle Area

Pikmar gets out of the KaPossible II and leaves Pastmar to rest, cause he didn’t get any sleep last night. Pikmar gets out 1 Nuclear Pikmin and 53 Red Pikmin. Pikmar found a large area that reminded him of a battle arena. Then, Pikmar saw 2 eyes poking out of the center. Pikmar said “Who would leave a perfectly good pair of eyes lying around?” He went over to the eyes and tried to pluck them. Then a giant grub-dog (The Emperor Bulblax) jumped out of the ground. Pikmar fainted of being stepped on and had to use a teleporter to return. Pastmar gets out and uses a Nuclear Pikmin on the Emperor Bulblax and the beast swallowed it whole. Then, the grub-dog fell to the ground and spat out a treasure Pastmar called ‘the Bulblax’s Treasure’ and returned all the pikmin to their Onion. Pastmar was able to get a Whimsical Radar 2.0 and a Turbo Engine. He got into the ship and blasted off with the Onion. Then, he detected a Paranormal Signal in Haunted Electric Hill. He traveled there the next morning

Day 5: Haunted Electric Hill

Pikmar and Pastmar get out and trace the signal to a clear, light-blue Onion. Then 2 Spectral Pikmin came out and attacked a nearby Smoky Progg. The attack failed (cause they are ghosts duh!) and go back to the Onion. While watching the Spectral Pikmin return to the Onion, Pikmar goes over to the Onion and calls out the Spectral Pikmin. The Pikmin seem to remember Pastmar but not Pikmar, leading to the discovery that Spectral Pikmin are dead Pikmin that can still live on PNF-404. The discovery was made at the end of the day. The Olimars go back to the KaPossible II. The Onions also merged again making a Mega Merged Onion.

Night 6:

While Pikmar and Pastmar are sleeping, A massive Nuclear Outburst occurred on PNF-404, luckily, all the Onions on the planet were in low orbit, so the Pikmin weren’t effected.

Day 6: The Impact Site II

Pastmar gets out of the KaPossible II and looks around. All the trees’ leaves were burned (putting ashes beneath trees). The ground was a brown sandy dirt with large cracks in it. A very, very large amount of radiation was in the air. Pastmar sighs sadly. Then, he remembers about the Nuclear Pikmin he found in Radioactive Plains. He went to the Mega Merged Onion and called out 3 Nuclear Pikmin. As the Pikmin came out they died of radiation poisoning. Apparently, the areas effected by the explosion were 100% inhabitable. He took off into the air after the discovery. After getting in Pikmar said the scanners said that an area was unaffected. Pikmar called it, Safe Bay.

Day 6.5: Safe Bay

Pastmar and Pikmar got out of the KaPossible II, and found a Blue Onion Sitting there, in Hibernation Mode. Pikmar noted: “Why is the Onion in Hibernation Mode? Didn’t you just discover it, Pastmar?” As Pikmar says those words the Onion awoke and produced a single seed. “Oh, I get it now... the Pikmin all died at night, and since nobody was around to pluck the pikmin, it went into Hibernation Mode.” Pikmar hypothesized. Pastmar went over and plucked the seed, rediscovering Blue Pikmin. Pastmar and Pikmar decided to use the whole day to regenerate Blue Pikmin. After the day was done, Pastmar and Pikmar got into the KaPossible II and the Onions merged again, creating the Omega Onion. After this, a distress signal was found in a area Pastmar calls Sector-358. And the Radiation Levels were 000.0001782% too!

Day 7: Sector-358

Pastmar and Pikmar jumped out of the KaPossible II and discovered the environment was a combination of all the places they have been. The bumpy area was covered in wires, a small arena-like place had treasures and enemies, and another area had a large burn-mark with a ship Pikmar remembered, “Huh, how did the 404 Lander get here?” Pastmar notes with curiosity. Then Pastmar found an area that had a lot of rotting Pikmin Stems. Pikmar shuddered at the sight. Then, Pikmar quickly walked over to a nearby river that connected to Safe Bay. Then, Pikmar noticed something... it was a red rose with a spiky stem. “Huh? What’s this...” Pikmar questioned. Pastmar walked over and plucked it and a Pikmin popped out. “OH NO! IT’S A CUDDLY PIKMIN! RUN!” Pikmar shouted in warning. Pastmar didn’t listen and bolted towards a large rose. Quickly uprooted it, knowing it is a Snuggle Onion, then ran towards the KaPossible II. Blasting off into the atmosphere. Then, the Snuggle Onion combined with the Omega Onion making the Storm Onion. Then, Pastmar detected a walking Pineapple in an area called Pikapple Island.

Day 8: Pikapple Island

Pastmar jumped out of the KaPossible II, and then saw a Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin with a lot of Baby Pineapple Pikmin. “Huh, Pikmin are now edible, sweet!” Pastmar said grabbing a Baby Pineapple Pikmin and trying to eat it. The Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin saw this and swallowed Pastmar whole. Pikmar saw this and in the corner of his eye saw a Pineapple Onion. He got out, bolted to the Onion, fixed it up for the Pikmin, the bolted away from the angry Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin that saw Pikmar. Pikmar escaped and escaped in one piece. Then, looking out the window, he saw the Pineapple Onion followed and merged with the Storm Onion, making the Titan Onion. Pikmar knew he had to save Pastmar, then something exploded in the engine and Pikmar blacked out.

Night 9: Inside the Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin (Pastmar’s P.O.V)

I woke up inside of a small Pineapple-looking chamber. I got up and bonked my helmet on the ceiling. I looked down and saw some pineapple juice. “At least I have food and a liquid.” I said. I took out my exploration kit and got out a knife and started digging at the wall. Then, I fell asleep.

Day 9: Inside the Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin and it’s Doom (Pastmar’s P.O.V)

I woke up and saw a Baby Pineapple Pikmin next to me. “Hey there little guy! How’d you get here?” I said to the Pikmin. It tilted its head then stopped after 1 second. Then, outside, I heard a crash, then something blew up, causing the Ultimate Pineapple Pikmin to shatter. I then fell asleep.

Day 9.7: Pikapple Island

Pikmar woke up startled. He looked around and saw some Baby Pineapple Pikmin carrying Pastmar to the Titan Onion, Pineapple Juice, Pineapple Pieces, and a lone Pineapple Pikmin on the ground. Pikmar quickly whistled all the Pikmin to stop and come to him. He ordered them to make a place in the Onion for Himself and Pastmar. Pastmar quickly woke up and saw Pikmar looming over him, checking him over to see if he was okay. Then, Pastmar noted that the sun was setting and carried Pastmar to the Onion and crawled in himself. Then, the Onion lifted off, leaving the damaged KaPossible II by itself on the Planet.

Day 10: Pikapple Island

Pikmar and Pastmar crawled out of the Onion and stared at the ruined KaPossible II. "Welp, were doomed said" Pikmar. Pastar nodded with agreement. "Well, lets resume the search for treasure." Pastmar sighed. Just then, the Hocatate Research Pod 3.0 came to the area to return Olimar to Hocatate Freight to start working. The ship saw the broken KaPossible II and said "TREASURE, TREASURE!!! MONEY, MONEY!!" and beamed in the wreaked ship and said it was worth an unimaginable amount of pokos! "Okay Captain Olimar, your vacation is over, it's to come back to Hocatate Freight." said the Research Pod. "Okay," Pastmar sighed sadly. Then the pod beamed in Pastmar and zoomed away, leaving Pikmar alone on the planet.