Northeastern Coast

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Northeastern Coast is an area visited in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It will likely first be visited when you explore what's on the other side of the Forest of Awakening's rock wall. It is a sunny, pleasant locale which is right by the edge of the sea on the eastern side of the mainland. To a certain extent, you can explore what's inside the ocean, but there is a fairly obvious perimeter in there that you should not cross if you want any chance of survival. The beaches are generally a good place to explore instead. Although this is a generally friendly area, it's still simple enough to get into a fight with an enemy that is likely beyond your level of strength if you aren't careful. If you stay alert and wary of your surroundings, then your experience in the area will likely be a pleasant one. Certain new things become accessible here later on. In particular, there will be a route later that you can take through some of the caves in the Wandering Canyons that will lead to a previously unaccessible part of this area, so keep that in mind.

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