Oak Cave

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The Oak Cave should be the third cave you visit in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. Yellow Pikmin are required to get through the cave. It is in Treetop Heights.

Sublevel 1


There are Sheargrubs everywhere on this sublevel. They can ambush you easily, but if you just swarm them you'll be okay. Descend to the next sublevel.

Sublevel 2


  • Male Sheargrubs x10
  • Red Bulborb

The Sheargrubs here won't give you much trouble. However, to advance to the next sublevel, you need to get past a patch of dry bark on the wall. Around one of the corners there is a sleeping Red Bulborb. Defeat it and press the switch it was sitting on. Two fire geysers will turn on and burn the bark, revealing the hole.

Sublevel 3


This sublevel is in the style of an arena. Once you defeat all the Female Sheargrubs, Males will fall from the ceiling, and once you defeat them, Shearwigs will come down. After the Shearwigs are killed, a new enemy falls; a Cloaking Burrow-nit. These enemies launch needle-like appendages at the Pikmin. Their backs are invulerable, however, their faces are able to be attacked. After you defeat all the enemies, the hole appears.

Sublevel 4 (Final Floor)


Oak Cave's boss is a creature called a Shearwood, a large Shearwig the size of a Bulbmin Leader. At first, it attacks by making logs fall down on you, and by summoning Male Sheargrubs. It is perched on a platform that even yellow pikmin can't reach, however, there is a way up. Have your Yellows take down an electric gate while the Reds take on the Sheargrubs. Behind the gate is a ramp leading up to the Shearwood. The Shearwood attacks by eating your Pikmin, and it has a lot of health, however, it is slow. Once it's health is about 20%, it will fly around. It will not go back to the ground, so just keep throwing Yellow Pikmin at it until it dies. When defeated, it will drop a GPS Unit, which unlocks the area map. Jump in the geyser to leave.