Onyx Pikmin

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Onyx Pikmin The icon used to represent this Pikmin.
Resistance Sunset
Attack Average
Mobility Average
Throw Average
Digging speed Average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Dusk Candypop Bud

Onyx Pikmin are onyx-colored Pikmin that are as black as the night but otherwise have the ordinary features of an average Pikmin. Onyx Pikmin are able to avoid detection from nighttime predators but may be lost, however, if the captains do not return to the area they left the Onyx Pikmin the next day, which will count as overnight losses in the death totals. Upon morning, they may stay where they were, becoming idle and ready to continue whatever they were doing the previous day, scatter due to their attempts to run away from enemies overnight, or already be at the landing site. It has also been shown to possibly absorb nearby light, one explanation being that its leaf glows black when idle.